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This Week in Monster Truck Racing - March 1-3, 2024

* Ryan Anderson continues dominance on Stadium West series

** Tim Hall Jr and Brandon Gallie four-race duel in Medford, Oregon

*** Dalton Widner takes three in Portland





===== WEEKEND RECAP FOR MARCH 1st – 3rd, 2024 =====

Ryan Anderson seems unstoppable at this point. He is averaging over 100 points more per race than anyone else this season which is insane. Tyler Menninga is doing his best to keep up and adds another win of his own in Arlington.

Dalton Widner won once for each horn on his Jurassic Attack truck in Portland, Oregon and now has the 4th most wins (14) overall. His Jurassic Attack teammate Tim Hall Jr was over in Medford, Oregon and he also picked up 3 wins after a weekend-long battle with Brandon Gallie in Enforcer.

The All Star weekend in Maryville was split between muddy and sunny and the results were split between Elliott Miller and Jon Zimmer Jr who met in the finals both afternoons. In Salina, Kansas with Monster Truck Wars, Preston Collins and Jerru Furajter also met in both finals but it was Collins taking both as he extends his winning streak to 9!

Plus we saw Tim Jones, RJ Turner, and Joe Lockhart (who returned to the driver’s seat for the first time in 2021) all pick up their first wins of the season.

Thank you to everyone who reported results to us this weekend: Bryan Wagner, Donny Hebert, Brian Manson, Preston Collins, Nate Bay, Preston Collins, Kirk Nagy, Phil Vicinanza, and everyone who posted videos and photos online!





1 ) Ryan Anderson - 6746/355.05 : 2+1=3 : 19/11

2 ) Tyler Menninga - 7185/247.76 : 1+2=3 : 29/19

3 ) Adam Anderson - 4398/244.33 : 5+3=8 : 18/3

4 ) Tristan England - 3959/232.88 : 7+4=11 : 17/5

5 ) John Gordon - 3317/207.31 : 11+5=16 : 16/1


6 ) Weston Anderson - 4476/144.39 : 4+15=19 : 31/12

7 ) Camden Murphy - 3254/191.41 : 13+8=21 : 17/2

8 ) Colt Stephens - 3272/148.73 : 12+12=24 : 22/1

9 ) Coty Saucier - 2537/195.15 : 23+6=29 : 13/7

10) Brandon Vinson - 2956/147.8 : 16+13=29 : 20/10


11) Armando Castro - 3690/131.79 : 9+20=29 : 28/5

12) Preston Collins - 3854/124.32 : 8+22=30 : 31/20

13) Dalton Widner - 4605/118.08 : 3+27=30 : 39/14

14) Bryce Kenny - 2512/157.00 : 24+9=33 : 16/1

15) Bari Musawwir - 4250/118.06 : 6+28=34 : 36/4


16) Jon Zimmer Jr - 2437/152.31 : 25+10=35 : 16/9

17) Jamie Sullivan - 3401/121.46 : 10+25=35 : 28/7

18) Jimmy Creten - 2142/194.73 : 29+7=36 : 11/8

19) Mikeal Christensen - 2649/139.42 : 22+17=39 : 19/2

20) Rob Poutre - 2795/121.52 : 17+24=41 : 23/8


===== BIGGEST GAINS =====

+9           Jerry Beck – Dirt Crew (66th)

+8           Dan Dahlgren – Shark Bite (59th)

+7           Jamie Sullivan - Monster Mutt Dalmatian (17th)

+6           Joe Foley – El Toro Loco (54th)

+5           Todd LeDuc – Megalodon (21st)

+5           Tim Hall Jr – Jurassic Attack (29th)

+5           Fernando Martinez – El Toro Loco (31st)

+5           Jim Koehler – Avenger (75th)


===== ARLINGTON, TX =====

3/2 Sat Ngt: RYAN ANDERSON [Son-uva Digger] defeated Bari Musawwir [Zombie]

 Ryan Anderson is obviously one of the best racers in the sport right now and he’s been dominating the Monster Jam Stadium West series. He’s been in the Stadium finals an incredible 10 consecutive events and has won 7 of them! His 355.05 average is more than 100-points ahead of 2nd best Tyler Menninga who has 247.76. The current record for highest average to finish a season is 291.47 which is also held by Anderson. If he keeps up a steady performance like this, no one will be able to catch him in average this season.


===== CAMP VERDE, AZ =====

3/2 Sat Aft: DAN DAHLGREN [Shark Bite] defeated Rob Poutre [Bounty Hunter]

Dan Dahlgren gained a big 8 spots in the rankings with his 4th win of the season as Rob Poutre got off course after the second jump on the Chicago-style track. The 2Xtreme series moves to Andalusia, Alabama this weekend.


===== CLEBURNE, TX =====

3/1 Fri Ngt: We do not have results from this event

3/2 Sat Aft: We do not have results from this event

3/2 Sat Ngt: We do not have results from this event

3/3 Sun Aft: We do not have results from this event

The Monster Trucks Most Wanted tour returned for a second season in Cleburne, Texas. It was the usual four truck line-up of the Murphy brothers and Johnny Davenport’s two trucks, but unfortunately we do not have any results from the weekend.


===== KLAMATH FALLS, OR =====

3/1 Fri Ngt: We do not have results from this event

3/2 Sat Ngt: BRANDON SWICK [Geronimo] defeated Dawson Rayas [Free Ride]

 We still need more results from Klamath Falls, but we know that Brandon Swick won at least one of the holeshot races and currently carried the Monster Truck Insanity Tour 10th Anniversary flag.


===== LAREDO, TX =====

This Hot Wheels Live event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== LISBON, PORTUGAL =====

This Hot Wheels Live event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== MARYVILLE, TN =====

3/2 Sat Aft: ELLIOTT MILLER [Colossus] defeated Jon Zimmer Jr [Terminal Velocity]

3/3 Sun Aft: JON ZIMMER JR [Terminal Velocity] defeated Elliott Miller [Colossus]

Saturday was a muddy mess for the All Stars in Maryville. The drivers had to find a balance between speed and control on the slippery roundy-round course. Jon Zimmer Jr was showing the most speed and power through the early rounds, but Elliott Miller came thru with a great pass in the finals to take home his first win of the season. The track dried out for Sunday afternoon and the same two guys were back in the finals, but this time Zimmer was able to best Miller, giving him 9 wins overall and a 5-1 record against Elliott this season.


===== MEDFORD, OR =====

3/1 Fri Ngt: BRANDON GALLIE [Enforcer] defeated Tim Hall Jr [Jurassic Attack]

3/2 Sat Aft: TIM HALL JR [Jurassic Attack] defeated Brandon Gallie [Enforcer]

3/2 Sat Ngt: TIM HALL JR [Jurassic Attack] defeated Brandon Gallie [Enforcer]

3/3 Sun Aft: TIM HALL JR [Jurassic Attack] defeated Brandon Gallie [Enforcer]

It was a real battle in Medford this weekend between Brandon Gallie and Tim Hall Jr with Hall winning the duel 3 events to 1 on the indoor Chicago-style course. He’s the 8th driver to reach 10 wins this season and moves up inside the Top 30.


===== ORLANDO, FL =====

3/2 Sat Ngt: TYLER MENNINGA [Grave Digger] defeated Todd LeDuc [Megalodon]

Defending Open Champion Tyler Menninga wins for the 2nd weekend in a row as he continues to keep pace with Ryan Anderson for the top spot in the standings. Todd Leduc’s runner-up finish gained him 5 spots in the standings. He is 0-3 in finals this year. Independents John Gordon and Michael Pagliarulo were in the semi-finals, which was the best finish of the year for Pagliarulo (who was substituting in Black Pearl) and helped Gordon maintain his spot in the Top 5.


===== PORTLAND, OR =====

3/1 Fri Ngt: DALTON WIDNER [Jurassic Attack] defeated Ashley Sanford [Megalodon]

3/2 Sat Aft: DALTON WIDNER [Jurassic Attack] defeated Matt Cody [Grave Digger]

3/2 Sat Ngt: MATT CODY [Grave Digger] defeated Tony Ochs [ThunderROARus ]

3/3 Sun Aft: DALTON WIDNER [Jurassic Attack] defeated Alberto Trevino [Monster Mutt Rottweiler]

Dalton Widner gained 2 spots after a 3-win weekend in Portland. He now has 14 wins and sits in 13th place but is only about 131 points outside of the Top Ten. Matt Cody—who takes over for Brandon Vinson on tour—earned his 5th win of the season on Saturday night and gained 4 spots in the standings.


===== RAPID CITY, SD =====

3/2 Sat Ngt: JOSH BAUMGARTNER [Mechanical Mischief] defeated Tommy Varilone [Rampage]

Concrete holeshot racing in Rapid City this weekend but the tough course claimed 2 trucks before racing even began. None the less, Josh Baumgartner and Tommy Varoline met in the finals with Baumgartner putting his new chassis with an old paint scheme into victory lane.


===== ROCKFORD, IL =====

This Hot Wheels Live event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== ROSEMONT, IL =====

3/1 Fri Ngt: JAMIE SULLIVAN [Monster Mutt Dalmation] defeated Brandan Tulachka [Just Get-Er-Done]

3/2 Sat Aft: WESTON ANDERSON [Grave Digger] defeated Jamie Sullivan [Monster Mutt Dalmation]

3/2 Sat Ngt: WESTON ANDERSON [Grave Digger] defeated Fernando Martinez [El Toro Loco]

3/3 Sun Aft: WESTON ANDERSON [Grave Digger] defeated Brandan Tulachka [Just Get-Er-Done]

3/3 Sun Ngt: JAMIE SULLIVAN [Monster Mutt Dalmation] defeated Brianna Mahon [Scooby-Doo!]

The Monster Jam Arena Central tour is a fun one to follow this year! Weston Anderson took the middle three events at the Rosemont Horizon and gained 2 spots to put himself in 6th place overall in the rankings. Jamie Sullivan is already up to 7 wins this season and moved up 7 spots to 17th overall. Brandan Tulachka and rookie Fernando Martinez couldn’t get a win this weekend, but ran consistently and earned final round points which puts Tulachka in the Top 25 and Martinez inside the Top 35.



===== RUSSELLVILLE, KY =====

3/2 Sat Aft: TY CORNELIUS JR [Sheriff] defeated Kaley Engstrom [Shark Attack]

3/2 Sat Ngt: We do not have results from this event

Ty Cornelius has not been driving regularly this season but he showed that he has not lost a step, picking up one win in Russellville with Monster Truck Wars. We still need results for the other event.


===== SAGINAW, MI =====

3/1 Fri Ngt: JACK BROWN [Dirt Crew Dozer] defeated Daron Basl [Block Head]

3/2 Sat Aft: TIM JONES [Tailgator] defeated Jerry Beck [Dirt Crew]

3/2 Sat Ngt: DARON BASL [Block Head] defeated Tim Jones [Tailgator]

 Roll overs and blown engines threw some wrenches into the works at the Toughest Tour races in Saginaw but did not slow down the fast-as-always racing action. Jack Brown and Daron Basl each picked up wins again as they have at most stops on the Toughest Tour this year. Brown had beaten Basl in the semi-finals on Saturday night, too, but could not return. Tim Jones benefited from Maximus’ blown engine in the first round of Saturday afternoon, returning on the break rule and then beating out Jerry Beck in the finals. For Jones, that’s his first win of the season and has him join the rankings in 49th. Jerry Beck was our biggest mover this weekend as he gained 9 spots in the rankings.



===== SALEM, VA =====

3/2 Sat Aft: RJ TURNER [War Wizard] defeated Joe Lockhart [Shredder]

3/2 Sat Ngt: JOE LOCKHART [Shredder] defeated Brandon Derrow [Bad News Travels Fast]

Joe Lockhart returned to the seat for the first time since May 15th, 2021 and went right back to winning. He won the Saturday night holeshot racing over Brandon Derrow and might have won on Saturday afternoon but was disqualified on a red light start, giving RJ Turner his first win of the season.


===== SALINA, KS =====

3/2 Sat Aft: PRESTON COLLINS [Equalizer] defeated Jerry Furajter [Shark Attack]

3/2 Sat Ngt: PRESTON COLLINS [Equalizer] defeated Jerry Furajter [Shark Attack]

That’s now 9 wins in a row for Preston Collins on the Monster Truck Wars tour. Unlike his recent weeks driving Outlaw on Chicago-style courses, this weekend was a holeshot track with Collins back behind the wheel of Equalizer. Jerry Furajter has been runner-up three events in a row.


===== WAYNESVILLE, GA =====

3/2 Sat Aft: We do not have results from this event

3/2 Sat Ngt: We do not have results from this event

3/3 Sun Aft: We do not have results from this event

We know that Donny Hebert dominated the Monster X weekend in Waynesville, including the rain-soaked Sunday event that turned the entire infield into a swamp. Unfortunately we were not able to get enough info to award points for these brackets. If you have any more info please let us know!



Andalusia, AL (2Xtreme Monster Trucks Live Tour)

Beaumont, TX (Monster Nation)

Council Bluffs, IA (Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live)

El Paso, TX (Monster Jam Stadium Championship West)

Fort Wayne, IN (Full Throttle Monster Trucks)

Harrisburg, PA (Monster Truck Thunder)

Henderson, TX (Monster Truck Wars)

Jacksonville, FL (Monster Jam Stadium Championship East)

Lake Charles, LA (Monster Truck Nitro Tour)

Little Rock, AR (Monster Jam Arena Championship Central)

Malaga, Spain (Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live International Tour)

New Orleans, LA (Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live)

Spartanburg, SC (All Star Monster Truck Tour)

Tupelo, MS (Monster Jam Arena Championship East)

Tuscumbia, AL (Monster X Tour)

Vancouver, BC (Monster Jam Arena Championship West)

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