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2021 MARCH 17

Ryan Anderson won his 4th consecutive Stadium event on Saturday night in Tampa and jumps up into 2nd place in the standings. The only person to beat him the past two weekends was brother Adam Anderson, who retains the Number 1 spot.

The Garden Motorsports Monster Truckz tour kicked off their second touring group this weekend and Aaron Basl in Devastator quickly took control with 1 win and 4 final round appearances, shooting himself up into the Top 40. Nick Pagliarulo continued his strong running on the Extreme Tour with another pair of wins and a Top Ten ranking.


Jimmy Creten and Michael Harper swept their events, Jon Zimmer Jr and Bill Payne traded blows in Meridian, while Darren Migues and Ricky Fowler also picked up wins. Altogether, we had 7 new drivers join the rankings this weekend, including two in the Top 50 (Bill Payne and Nick Migues). However, as we near the end of March and the race counts keep climbing, we are getting closer to an increase in the minimum race requirement from 5 up to 10. We’re expecting to see that change in effect by early April, in which case some of the standings will get shuffled around.


There will be plenty of events to add to our list this weekend, with another 19 on the schedule.



Jimmy Creten won both events in Andalusia and gained back a little bit of ground in the standings. Dawn Creten was runner-up in the afternoon, but had mechanical problems that kept her out of action during the evening’s race. Austin Minton was trouble himself in the afternoon, but returned as the runner-up in the evening.


Jimmy Creten becomes the 3rd driver to win 10 races this year and moved up 2 spots into the Top 6. The Chaos tour moves west to Elm Mott, Texas next weekend.



The Monster Truckz Extreme Tour has provided excellent racing this season and created some new rivalries, especially since any driver can win.


Recently, however, it’s been Nick Pagliarulo in Kraken doing much of the winning, as he has 4 wins in his past 6 events. In that same time, David Olfert in Jurassic Attack has had 4 runner-up finishes in 5 races.


On Friday night, with the truck racing on a long and fast U-turn track, Pagliarulo earned his 8th win of the season. Runner-up was Brandon Budd in Buckshot, who was competing in his 24th final round in 40 races.


Saturday afternoon saw both Pagliarulos in the final, but it was father Matt in Jester winning the family feud. Cody Holman in Son of Beast defeated Dawson Rayas in Kamikaze to win the evening race.


Kraken finished the weekend back in first place with a win over David Olfert in Jurassic Attack. Olfert has raced in the final round in half of his 28 events and is now ranked in 15th. Pagliarulo has also been in the final 50% of the time, but his 8 wins have earned him enough points to break into the Top Ten.



Darren Migues won his 2nd event in a row and 4th of the season on Saturday afternoon at Moulton Speedway. Nick Migues in Jailbird held the lead into the final turn, but a wide turn got him out of shape and allowed the veteran Migues in Nitro Menace to pass for the win.

Darren maintains a top 20 spot this week, while Nick joins the rankings in 34th with 4 runner-up finishes in 5 races.


===== HENDERSON, TEXAS =====

Michael Harper swept the weekend in Henderson and moves up into the Top 20. He posted wins over Alex Bardin and Allen Pezo in the two final rounds for his 8th and 9th wins of the season. That also gives Harper a 5-4 edge over Bardin in their head-to-head match-ups on the Monster Truck Wars tour.


===== MARION, TEXAS =====

The new Monster Truckz Mayhem Tour kicked off with a four-race weekend in Marion, Texas with a bunch of new faces to the Monster Truckz tour. As we have often seen on the Truckz tour, the drivers faces a long track for their first weekends with the series.


On Friday night, Daron Basl broke his Tantrum truck during Best Trick, so he drove the Nitro Hornet truck during racing, and did quite well! He recorded wins over Muddy Girl, Fatal Attraction and Devastator with brother Aaron in the final round for his first win of the season.


On Saturday, Aaron Basl in Devastator was back in the final round and scored the win over Jeff Murphy in Fatal Attraction. In the evening event, Paul Breaud in Backdraft won his 2nd event in 2 weeks over Devastator.


The Sunday event brought with it a bracket irregularity, so Open Championship officials had to make a judgment call on awarding points. Everything was fine until the final round, when Aaron Basl in Devastator was unable to return due to breakage. The semi-finalists were Backdraft and Barbarian, but for unknown reasons, officials brought back Prime Time for the final round. MTROC rules say that drivers must advance through the bracket towards the final, and so skipping a round is not allowed.


Since everything else was acceptable until the final round, MTROC officials are considering the final round to be a bye-run victory for Muddy Girl since her opponent (Devastator) could not compete. The final race of the afternoon between Prime Time and Muddy Girl (which was won by Prime Time) is considered an exhibition race and not part of the bracket. This is because it would be unfair to give 1st place points to a truck that lost in the first round and did not compete in the semi-finals.


The result is that Anne Streatch is credited with her 2nd win of the season and Aaron Basl finishes the weekend with 4 final round appearances, which an eye-popping 23 positions and puts the Devastator Team in the Top 40!



Jon Zimmer Jr. and Bill Payne dueled for victories on the All Star tour this past weekend, with each taking a win. Zimmer beat Payne (driving The California Kid) on Saturday, so Payne jumped back into Rock Star for Sunday for payback.

Zack Garner in Wild Side struggled with rear steering problems on Saturday, and a violent rollover in freestyle that day damaged the truck for racing on Sunday. He suffered a first round loss for the first time since October 24th in Wheatland, Missouri some 15 races ago.


===== SAN ANGELO, TEXAS =====

There was a big crowd on hand for the No Limits Tour inside the Foster Communication Coliseum where Ricky Fowler in Zilla won his 10th race of the season over Mike Phelps in Monster Patrol. Fowler has yet to miss a final round in his 12 events.


===== TAMPA, FLORIDA =====

Adam Anderson has held onto first place in the Open Championship since the beginning of February, but is now facing a challenge from his brother Ryan Anderson, who pieced together a 4-race winning streak and earned 1,826 points to jump into 2nd place. Driving Bakugan Dragonoid, Ryan won both races last weekend in Jacksonville. The short trip to Tampa did little to break his momentum, as he won on both Friday and Saturday nights at Raymond James Stadium.

On Friday, Ryan scored wins over Cole Venard (9th place), Tom Meents (11th place), and Adam Anderson (1st) for his 3rd win of the

season. He followed that up on Saturday night with wins over Jim Koehler, Todd LeDuc, and Bari Musawwir.

On Sunday afternoon, Ryan’s winning streak was broken in the semi-finals by brother Adam driving Megalodon, who went on to defeat Jim Koehler in the finals.

Tom Meents broke out of his recent drought with a semi-final appearance on Friday night.

Jim Koehler was the biggest winner of the weekend in terms of positions. He had two quarter-final appearances and then benefitted from damage to Zombie on Sunday afternoon to return in the semi-finals and advance into his 2nd final of the season. Those points brought him up 16 spots into 28th.

2021 MARCH 10

Ryan Anderson won both events in Jacksonville and moved up into 4th place overall. Bari Musawwir also continued his steady climb to the top with his first final of the year. Tyler Senger and Tim Jones both had 1 wins in 2 final round appearances and made big moves in the standings as a result. Nick Pagliarulo picked up 2 wins in Baton Rouge while David Olfert was runner-up three times. Jon Zimmer, Paul Breaud, and Michael Harper also had 1-win / 2-final weekends.


There was lots of other action as the springtime schedule starts to heat up, and NEXT weekend is looking even busier with 3 Monster Jams, 8 Monster Truckz events, plus the All Stars, Mayhem Monsters, No Limits Tour, Monster Truck Wars, and the 2Xtreme Chaos series all in action!


Big thanks to all of the folks who sent in results this weekend! We had another 100% report rate on events this weekend and we couldn’t do it without your help!


===== ALTHA, FLORIDA =====

Tyler Senger followed up his win last weekend in Mesquite with another win and two final-round appearances in Altha. He was runner-up to Jimmy Creten on Saturday afternoon as the 2Xtreme team had to negotiate a tight Chicago-style course on a narrow pulling track. Later that evening, Dawn Creten upset Jimmy in the first round and went searching for her 4th win of the season, but it Senger in Iron Outlaw who came out on top.


Tyler gained 7 spots in the standings with that performance and is now in 41st. The 2Xtreme Monster Chaos 2021 tour rolls into Andalusia, Alabama this weekend.



The Monster Truckz tour has become one of the best racing circuits this year, featuring not only fast action but a field with great parity. In the four races this weekend in Baton Rouge, there were 3 different winners and 5 of the 8 trucks competed in a final round.

David Olfert in Jurassic Attack was the big points-getter despite not winning an event. He was runner-up for the final 3 events of the weekend and improved to 16th in the standings.


On Friday night, Brandon Budd built a lead over Cody Holman in the final round, but the Buckshot truck lost power in the final turn and coasted across the finish line a few behind the late-charging Holman.


On Saturday night, it was Bob Holman who claimed the win driving the Heavy Medal truck. It was the veteran’s first win of the season.

The two afternoon events belonged to Nick Pagliarulo in Kraken as he posted two wins over Jurassic Attack. Those points moved him up into 12th in the rankings.

The Garden Brothers tour will double in size this weekend, as the company starts a second touring circuit! The current crew will continue their tour in Byram, Mississippi while the second tour kicks off in Marion, Texas with King Krunch, Nitro Hornet, Fatal Attraction, Muddy Girl, Backdraft, Devastator, Prime Time, and Gold Digger!



Ryan Anderson swept the weekend in Jacksonville, winning on both the muddy track Saturday and the dry track on Sunday. He has been in the final round in 3 of the last 4 events and has risen to 4th in the standings.


Driving Bakugan Dragonoid, Ryan eliminated Tom Meents in the first round on Friday, and continued with wins over Cory Rummel and World #2 Bryce Kenny in the Mohawk Warrior on his way to the finals. Bari Musawwir made his first final-round appearance of the year after defeating Linsey Read, World #1 Adam Anderson, and Cole Venard. Musawwir is now ranked 5th in the world thanks to his consistent performances. He has advanced to at least the semi-final round in 8 of his 13 events and has yet to lose in the first round.


Anderson had another rough trip back to the finals on Sunday afternoon. After a first round bye, he raced past Tom Meents in the quarter-finals and brother Adam in Megalodon in the semis. Bryce Kenny evened his weekend series against Musawwir by defeating the Zombie truck in the other semi-finals, but could not get past Anderson.


Ryan Anderson is now only 33 points away from third place, which is currently held by Todd Leduc. The Monster Jam Stadium tour moves to Tampa, Florida next weekend for another pair of big events.


===== LUFKIN, TEXAS =====

Tim Jones in Twisted Addiction picked up a pair of final-round appearances with Mayhem Monsters in Lufkin. He won Friday night racing over Ron Nelson in Nitro Hornet, and then dramatically lost the final round on Saturday to Darren Migues in Jailbird as Jones put his truck on its roof in the final turn.



Mitch Tulachka in Get’Er Done scored a concrete holeshot win over one of last year’s Top Ten finishers Mike Christensen in Vendetta.


===== SAYRE, ALABAMA =====

Jon Zimmer Jr and Zack Garner continued their feud with the All Star tour in Alabama. The two faced off against the west coast’s Straight-Up Racing team. Zimmer took home the win on Saturday afternoon over Bill Payne in Rock Star, who replaced Garner when his Wild Side truck experienced mechanical breakage after the semi-finals. Garner was in the finals on Sunday, though, and this time scored the win over Zimmer in Terminal Velocity. Zimmer now moves up to 18th place while Garner technically loses a spot after being leapfrogged by Ryan Anderson and Bari Musawwir’s strong showing in Jacksonville.


===== WHARTON, TEXAS =====

Paul Breaud in Backdraft recorded his 1st win of the season on Saturday afternoon by knocking off series star Michael Harper at the Monster Truck Wars event in Wharton. The two met again later that evening with Harper taking the win for his 7th of the season. Breaud scored enough points with his 2 final round appearances to move up 6 spots in the rankings, inside the Top 40.

2021 MARCH 2

This was another wild weekend of racing! Adam Anderson and Bryce Kenny continue to separate themselves from the pack as they vie for the #1 spot, but Todd Leduc’s win on Sunday has Monster Energy back in the mix. Brandon Budd scored a pair of wins and is now the top independent racer this season. Darron Schnell and Anne Streatch both picked up their first wins of the season. Tom Meents continues a surprising drought with three first round loses. Bari Musawwir and Ryan Anderson join the Top Ten while Zack Garner joins the Top Five.

We’ve had lots of drivers moving up and down the standings every week thanks to the unusual schedule this year which has definitely made every race count! The big guns are all back in action again this weekend as the chase for the championship continues into our sixth month.


===== ABILENE, TEXAS =====

The Nitro Tour returned to action this past weekend in Abilene. It was also the first racing action for Top Ten driver Mike Christensen since October and for Team Bigfoot driver Darron Schnell since November, in addition to being the debut event for Dalton Widner’s Super Trooper truck.


On Friday night, Christensen and Schnell squared off in the finals of the unique U-turn track that saw trucks racing towards each other over a starting line jump, then turning to the far outside lane of the track and flat-dragging to the finish line in the center of the arena. The first person to figure out the track was Christensen in Vendetta as he took home the trophy on night one.


On Saturday afternoon, Christensen again defeated Schnell but this time in the semi-finals. In the final round he met teammate Jeff Souza in Kamikaze, and this time Souza took the win, his first of the season.


To finish off the weekend, Schnell finally got one over on Christensen when he knocked off Vendetta in the opening round to put Bigfoot back in the finals. There he defeated Souza in Kamikaze for his first win of the season.

Schnell and Widner do not yet have enough events registered to qualify for the rankings, but Jeff Souza joins the charts with his 5th, 6th, and 7th events of the season, coming in at 38th. Just ahead of him in 36th is Vern House in Dysfunctional who had a pair of semi-final berths this weekend. Mike Christensen retained his Top Ten ranking and is currently 9th in the world.



Colton Eichelberger moves into 3rd place after his win on Saturday afternoon in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He piloted Outlaw around the Chicago-style track for his 6th win of the season. Paul Breaud in Backdraft was runner-up.


On Sunday afternoon, Outlaw broke during introductions which opened the door for the other trucks to make a run towards the podium. Anne Streatch in Muddy Girl seized that opportunity with wins over Scott Conley in Sheriff and Jared Eichelberger in Bearfoot before re-defeating Conley in the finals.


For Streatch, it was her first win of the season and she now joins the rankings in 53rd. She was the winningest female driver during the 2020 Open Championship.


===== MESQUITE, TEXAS =====

There was lots of fast racing and big air on the extended Chicago-style track in Mesquite, Texas; and as with the previous two events on this list, there was a different winner each event.


On Saturday afternoon, Top Ten driver Austin Minton put Jekyll & Hyde into the winner’s circle for the 7th time this season, beating out Alex Bardin in El Oso Loco.


Later that evening, Minton returned to the finals (his 17th in 26 races) but fell short against veteran Michael Harper in Outlaw. That was Harper’s 6th win and moved him into 20th in the Open Championship. Minton technically lost ground overall, but that was due to the surge in points that some drivers received from Monster Jam in Orlando.


Tyler Senger in Iron Outlaw missed out on Saturday night racing when the truck died at the starting line in round 1. He returned on Sunday afternoon in a big way and posted wins over Adam Wilson in Sheriff, Minton in Jekyll & Hyde, and then eliminated Bardin in El Oso Loco for his 2nd win of the season.


===== ORLANDO, FLORIDA =====

Monster Jam officially inducted Dennis Anderson and Scott Douglass into the Monster Jam Hall of Fame on Saturday night in Orlando and announced Gary Porter and Mike Wales as the next inductees. While honoring some of the top men from the sport’s history, fans in Orlando also got to see some of the best drivers in the sport today as half of the Top Ten in the Open Championship were in competition on the large roundy-round course.


When we last left Monster Jam two weeks ago in Houston, it was Bryce Kenny and Adam Anderson meeting in the finals in a battle of title contenders. Kenny won that night, but it was Anderson returning the favor on Saturday afternoon in Orlando. Jim Koehler gave fans an instant classic in the first round by winning his match against Tom Meents on a flat tire! It was the second race in a row that Koehler sent Meents out early. Koehler lost to Kenny in the quarter finals, and Kenny then lost to Ryan Anderson in the semi-finals. However, Anderson crashed hard after the final jump and was unable to get his Bakugan Dragonoid truck back to the line for the finals.

Brother Adam won his quarter-final match over Linsey Read in Scooby-Doo! who had also posted a first round upset by defeating Cole Venard in Black Pearl. Anderson then eliminated Bari Musawwir in Zombie in the semi-finals and won his 5th race of the season over Kenny in the finals to extend his championship lead.


On Saturday night, there was very similar storylines to what we saw in the afternoon. Meents suffered another uncharacteristic first-round loss as Linsey Read in Scooby-Doo! posted her second upset win of the weekend. The final four was identical to the earlier event, with Adam Anderson once against beating Musawwir and Ryan Anderson once against defeated Kenny. This time Ryan’s truck was still in action for the finals, but he wasn’t quite fast enough to keep up with Adam who posted his 6th win of the season.


To end the weekend on Sunday, we saw some variety in the finals. Unfortunately for 11-time World Champion Tom Meents, his nightmarish drought continued, this time with a first round loss to Jamey Garner in Over Bored. Ryan Anderson was kept out of the semi-finals this time courtesy of Cory Rummell in Rage. Todd Leduc returned to action after having mechanical problems on Saturday to eliminate Musawwir in the quarter finals.


Leduc and Rummell would then go on to beat #1 Adam Anderson and #2 Bryce Kenny in the semi-finals. In the finals, and one of the closest races of the night, Leduc narrowly defeated Rummell for his 4th win of the season. That performance helped move Rummell up 9 spots into 21st and put Todd Leduc into 3rd place behind Adam Anderson and Bryce Kenny. Those three have separated themselves from the rest of the field and now sit about 850 points ahead of fourth-place Brandon Budd.



The Monster Truckz tour were racing under the roof this weekend at the Escambia County Equestrian Center. The competition on tour has really picked up this season and the racing in Pensacola was intense all weekend long.


Brandon Budd won the first two events of the weekend and continues to lead the world in event wins with 13. He bested Kraken, Aftershock, and Son of Beast on Friday night and then got past Kraken, Aftershock, and Kraken (a third time!) on Saturday afternoon.

With Buckshot sitting out on Saturday night, David Olfert in Jurassic Attack picked up the win over Cody Holman in Son of Beast. Both drivers are sitting comfortably inside the Top 20.


Olfert then picked up his 5th win of the season on Sunday afternoon in his final round match against Budd in Buckshot. Although Budd had a lead after the first turn, a misjump put the truck up on two wheels and he could not negotiate the final turn, which let Olfert race past for the win.


David Olfert gained 3 spots in the standings with his 2 wins, which gave Team Throttle Monster 4 overall wins for the weekend.

Brandon Budd has now risen up to 4th place in the world and is currently the top independent team in the standings. His 13 wins, 34 events, and 4,421 points are the most in the world.


===== WACO, TEXAS =====

Zack Garner recorded his 8th and 9th wins of the season in Waco and now sits in 5th place overall. He defeated Tim Jones in Twisted Addiction on Friday night and Kevin Crocker in Nitro Hornet on Saturday night. Jon Zimmer Jr. in Terminal Velocity was unable to compete due to breakage, but he technically moved up in the standings since other drivers around him had early loses at their events.

2021 FEBRUARY 24


Top Ten contender Mikeal Christensen led a group of six trucks into Billings for the CFP No Limits tour, but unfortunately the racing program had to be cancelled. No points were awarded for this event.


===== HOUSTON, TEXAS =====

The 7th installment of Monster Jam in Houston was postponed from a week prior due to bad weather, but unfortunately the weather in Texas remained poor and this event has officially been cancelled. The Monster Jam Stadium tour now heads east to Orlando, Florida.



After rain washed out last weekend’s events, the drivers on the Monster Truckz Extreme Tour were itching for action in New Smyrna Beach. The tight Chicago-style track proved to be a great equalizer, as 6 of the 8 trucks advanced to the final round over the 4 events.


On Friday night, Dawson Rayas in Kamikaze grabbed his 3rd win of the season with a win over Cody Holman in Son of Beast and gained 4 spots in the standings. Holman would end up +5 for the weekend because he returned to the finals on Saturday afternoon and picked up his 6th win of the season over Donny Hebert in Aftershock.


On Saturday night, David Olfert in Jurassic Attack gave Team Throttle Monster their 2nd win of the weekend as he eliminated Matt Pagliarulo in Jester. It was their 3rd meeting in New Smyrna Beach with Olfert winning them all. Matt was back in the finals on Sunday afternoon, but lost out to son Nick Pagliarulo in Kraken. Despite not finding victory lane, Matt in Jester scored enough points to rise 5 spot in the standings into the Top 30.


By our count, Brandon Budd continues to lead the Monster Truckz Tour with 11 wins this season plus 6 runner-ups. Cody Holman has 6 wins and 4 runner-ups.


===== ODESSA, TEXAS =====

Zack Garner grabbed a pair of wins on the MAP O’Reilly Outlaw Nationals circuit and moves up into the Top Ten in the standings. Unfortunately, we do not have results from the Saturday afternoon event, which was won by Jon Zimmer Jr. in Terminal Velocity. If you have any news from that event, please let us know!


On Friday night, Garner bested Barbarian to advance into the final round where he squared off against rival Jon Zimmer Jr in Terminal Velocity for the 11th time this season with Garner in Wild Side taking the win.


As mentioned, we don’t have results from Saturday afternoon, but we know that in the evening, it was Garner again coming out on top, this time with a final round win over Tim Jones in Twisted Addiction. For Jones, this was his 5th event of the season, which makes him eligible for the rankings.  He joins in 44th with 2 runner-up showings in 5 events.



Checkered Flag Promotions was back in Shipshewana for another year of monster trucks and motocross. Austin Minton in Jekyll & Hyde won the Friday night contest of holeshot racing with wins over Kevin Lubsen in Bucking Bronco and Bob Robbins in Plane Krazy.


On Saturday afternoon, Minton was back in the finals after a semi-final win over Lubsen, but this time he came up a few inches short to the younger Robbins as Triton Robbins won the day in Krazy Train.


Saturday night was a bit messier in terms of points. We were able to find video coverage of the whole bracket, which is good, but it showed that the final rounds got mixed up. Wheelie contest winner Austin Minton got a bye run in the first round (which is totally normal and legal) but was never given a semi-final round opponent (through no fault of his own), and instead was seeded directly into the finals against Bob Robbins in Plane Krazy.


Unfortunately for Minton, MTROC rules do not allow drivers to be sent directly to the final round, since drivers are supposed to advance through the bracket. Oddly, the most-recent example of this rule taking effect was during the 2019 season when another 2Xtreme driver—Jimmy Creten in Bounty Hunter—had a win negated by being seeded directly into the final round.


Since the rest of the racing bracket was standard fare for a 4-truck event, we were able to fairly award points for the first two rounds of racing. So, while Minton was declared the racing winner at the event, the official points have Bob Robbins in Plane Krazy as the “winner” and Triton Robbins as runner-up. Minton will not be charged with an event, so it will not affect his Average Points. We never like making calls like this, of course, but sometimes they’re necessary to try and ensure fairness across all the different series.


===== WINDER, GEORGIA =====

The All Star event in Winder, Georgia used timed trial racing rather than side-by-side, so points were not awarded.

2021 FEBRUARY 15

Cory Rummell was the star of the weekend with his first win of the season on Saturday afternoon in Houston. His win in Rage over Todd Leduc marked the 3rd consecutive win for an independent team on the Stadium tour. Bryce Kenny won the evening match over Adam Anderson and gained some ground in the standings, with those two rivals now sitting 1st and 2nd overall.

Colton Eichelberger joins the rankings in 14th running the Outlaw truck as an independent this season. He and brother Jared in Sheriff have been winning plenty of races on the Monster Truck Wars tour and are both inside the top 20.

Australia’s Hayden McLeary also picked up a pair of wins during our first international races of the season in Adelaide. We’re still looking for information on those brackets, too, so if you have any information please let us know!

Sadly, many of the other events for this weekend were cancelled due to bad weather. Most have been rescheduled for later in the year, however, including the Sunday afternoon Monster Jam finale in Houston which will now be run this upcoming Saturday.


===== ADA, OKLAHOMA =====

Bad weather was the star of many events this weekend. The first victim was the No Limits Tour that was scheduled for Ada, Oklahoma. So, no results to report from CFP this weekend, but we hope to see their tour back in action next weekend in Shipshewanna, Indiana and with a super line-up in Billings, Montana.



Our first international racing of the year was at the Wayville Showgrounds in Adelaide where 7 of Australia’s top drivers competed on a U-turn track. Under Aussie Rules, each heat was a best-of-three affair, so fans got to see plenty of racing action over the two day event.


On both nights it was Hayden McLeary in Wicked taking the win, with Michael Stratte the runner-up on Friday in Monster SUV and Hayden Francis taking 2nd on Saturday driving Raptor’s Rampage.


We are still missing some results from Saturday, but we have enough to award points. Unfortunately, we still do not have enough information to award points from Friday. In particular, we need to know the two semi-finalists, although full-brackets are always ideal. If you have any info please let us know!


===== HOUSTON, TEXAS =====

Monster Jam was still in Texas for another weekend of racing, but this time the drivers would face a wide, sweeping Chicago-style track.


Saturday afternoon’s first big story was Jim Koehler upsetting Tom Meents in the opening round! It was a fast clean race that saw Koehler win by a mere 0.220. However, his teammate Cory Rummell in Rage would steal the spotlight from then on. After advancing past Jamey Garner in the first round, Rummell then knocked off last week’s champion Cole Venard in the quarter-finals. In the semi-finals, he and World #1 Adam Anderson had the race of the weekend with Rummell getting to the finish line only 0.004-seconds ahead of Anderson! In the finals, a perfect bounce after the second jump let Rummell powerslide through the turn and lay down the fastest run of the night (18.669) to pick up his first win of the season! Todd Leduc in Monster Energy was runner-up. Thanks to that win, Rummell gained 28 spots in the standings and is now inside the Top 30.

Saturday night brought more bad news for Tom Meents fan, as the former champ bicycled in the final turn of his first round race against Bari Musawwir in Zombie and was once again on the trailer early. Those two first round loses dropped Meents down to 5th in the standings.

Cory Rummell later beat Musawwir and continued his strong weekend by placing into the semi-finals where he lost out to Bryce Kenny in Mohawk Warrior. Kenny had lost a close race to Todd Leduc during the afternoon, as the two jockeyed for position in the standings. Leduc himself was back in the semi-finals, but lost out to World #1 Adam Anderson. This set-up a dream final with the Top 2 racing in the world today going head-to-head and it was Bryce Kenny claiming the win and moving to within 300 points of 1st place.

The Sunday afternoon finale was postponed until next Saturday due to bad weather in the Houston area. It will be another consequential race as 6 of the competitors are now in the Top Ten. If Bryce Kenny can get to victory lane again and put Adam Anderson out early in the bracket, he could have a chance at moving into the #1 spot.

Monster Jam also has upcoming events in Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa with many of the same drivers, so expect to see more movement in the leaderboard over the next month.



The monsters were in Jacksonville for another 4-race set with Garden Motorsport’s Monster Truckz Extreme Tour, but extra-muddy conditions resulted in the cancellation of racing on Friday night and the postponement of the Saturday and Sunday events. The tour moves to New Smyrna Beach, Florida this weekend.


===== LEVELLAND, TEXAS =====

Another event called due to bad weather was the Monster Truck Wars tour set for Levelland, Texas. This event will now be run on May 22nd and 23rd.



Colton Eichelberger is known for driving the legendary Max-D name to the winner’s circle, but with the restructuring caused by the pandemic, he has now been piloting a different legendary name but with the same results. Eichelberger’s Outlaw found the winner’s circle twice in three events in Sturgis this weekend, with brother Jared Eichelberger in Sheriff claiming the middle event. Paul Breaud in Backdraft was runner-up on Sunday.

Jared has been in 10 finals round through his 17 events and moved up 7 spots into 19th place. Colton joins the rankings for the first time this week, boasting 5 wins and 1 runner-up in 6 events, which is good enough for him to debut in 14th place with the 7th best Average Points score of all drivers.

Colton Eichelberger has finished in 9th place in the world the past two seasons, and despite his reduced schedule this year, he is currently only 216 points away from that 9th place spot again. If he maintains his winning ways on the Monster Truck Wars tour, he might be back in the Top Ten, but this time as an independent.


Both Tom Meents and Bryce Kenny came close to knocking Adam Anderson out of the top spot this week, but it was independent Cole Venard in Black Pearl who stole the headlines by sweeping both events in Houston! With three more Stadium events in Houston next weekend, however, it is still anyone’s race to claim that top spot.


Mark Hall in Raminator also posted a sweep, winning all 3 in Corbin, Kentucky. Ricky Fowler and Michael Harper continued their winning ways on their respective tours, while Brandon Budd and the Pagliarulos went toe-to-toe all weekend in Jupiter. Last (alphabetically) but not least, Zack Garner and Zane Rettew each earned a win as the All Star Tour wrapped up its Florida swing.


Unlike the past two seasons where the leaderboard remained fairly consistent, the unusual schedule this year and the parity amongst the competitors is causing a lot of jostling in the Top Ten. We’ve still got a long way to go under September, but the wins that drivers are getting now could be the difference maker once we get to the summer months.


===== CORBIN, KENTUCKY =====

Former world champion Mark Hall drove the powerful Raminator truck to a weekend sweep in Corbin. On Friday night, he defeated teammate Kurt Kraehmer in Rammunition on the Chicago-style course to claim the first trophy. Then on Saturday, he faced off against rookie Nick Migues in Jailbird for both final rounds and won a pair of close races.


Hall currently has 4 events recorded for this season, so he is not yet ranked in the standings, but now has 3 wins and the 9th best average of all drivers. Nick Migues also only has 4 events recorded, but has been in the final round 3 times and has the 17th best average.


===== GRAHAM, TEXAS =====

Michael Harper scored another pair of wins for team Outlaw on the Monster Truck Wars tour. Paul Breaud and Jared Eichelberger were runner-ups, respectively. Harper’s 4th and 5th wins of the season keep him steady in 18th place.


Monster Truck Wars has two events next weekend, with the tour going to both Levelland, Texas and also Sturgis, Kentucky.


===== HOUSTON, TEXAS =====

Week Two in Houston featured the same trucks and the same track and also the same fast, nail-biting racing that we’ve seen in previous weeks. The big difference this time was who ended up on the podium!


On Saturday night, the Week 1 storyline continued as the left lane appeared to be the best of the two. Three of the first four races were won from the left. That all changed in the quarter-finals, where the left lane remained the strongest only until the final turn. Both Ryan Anderson in Bakugan Dragonoid and Cole Venard in Black Pearl were trailing into the final turn, but used the right lane’s better grip to power past world #1 Adam Anderson and legendary champion Tom Meents (respectively) to advance. Bryce Kenny and Todd Leduc also posted wins from the right lane.


In the semi-finals, Bryce Kenny in Mohawk Warrior took advantage of Ryan Anderson’s misstep in turn 1 to advance to his 5th final (from the right lane!). Cole Venard won over Todd Leduc to advance to his first final round, and—again—won it in the final turn from the right lane.


With the right lane the obvious favorite, fans were expecting Bryce Kenny to come out on top as the trucks were staged. As in previous rounds, Venard in the left took an early lead, and Kenny closed the gap in the final turn, but this time it was Venard—who won his first round race in the left lane—who found enough grip to keep his nose out front and pick up his first win of the season!


On Sunday, Tom Meents escaped a first round scare against Cory Rummell, winning by mere thousandths of a second. Adam Anderson added to his points lead with a first round win over Linsey Read in Scooby-Doo! Krysten Anderson had worse luck, not only losing to Bari Musawwir in Zombie, but ending the run with a hard nose dive that destroyed the front four links and cartwheeled her truck in the shutdown area.


Cole Venard marched back to the finals after a first round bye run, a victory over Jamey Garner in Over Bored, and a win over Ryan Anderson in Bakugan Dragonoid in the semi-finals.


In the lower half of the bracket, Bryce Kenny continued his winnings ways with a quarter-final win over Zombie driven by Bari Musawwir, and then was gifted a semi-final win when Adam Anderson’s Megalodon truck died in the final turn. Unfortunately, Kenny himself suffered damage on the run and could not return.


As a result, it was Ryan Anderson back in the bracket. Anderson held the lead into the final turn, but bicycled the truck and allowed Cole Venard to rush past for the weekend sweep!


These Stadium events are rightfully having a huge impact on the standings. Adam Anderson remains on top of the Open Championship, but Bryce Kenny and Tom Meents now join him in 2nd and 3rd. These two battled each other in Arlington earlier in the year and both have advanced to several final rounds. Cole Venard barely made the minimum event threshold as Sunday was his 5th event, but those two wins has him joining the standings in 8th place. Bari Musawwir has been consistent and joins the standings in 12th, while Ryan Anderson is currently 16th.


Next weekend, Monster Jam stays in Houston for another THREE events! That’s 1,368 points available to win! With that many points available, it is a complete toss up as to who will emerge as the #1 rank.


===== JUPITER, FLORIDA =====

The Monster Truckz Extreme Tour returned to Jupiter for some fast-paced drag racing.


On Friday night, Matt Pagliarulo in Jester won the day, first beating the two Holman entries and then knocking off Brandon Budd in the final round.


On Saturday afternoon, Nick Pagliarulo got the best of father Matt in the semi-finals to get his own crack at Budd, but this time it was Budd in Buckshot taking the win, which was his industry-leading 11th win of the season.


On Saturday night, with the two previous winners sitting out the competition, Cody Holman used the fast-loser spot to return to action and advance past teammate Mason Rife in the Beast in the semi-final round. David Olfert in the new Jurassic Attack truck beat out Kraken in the other semi-finals, but could not get his horns into Cody Holman who raced Son of Beast to its 5th win of the season.


To close out the weekend on Sunday afternoon, we had a rematch from the Saturday afternoon match, but this time Nick in Kraken got to the line ahead of Budd for his 3rd win of the season.


The Monster Truckz Extreme Tour will be extremely busy in the coming weekend, with Florida stops in Jacksonville, New Smyrna Beach, and Pensacola before moving west to Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Byram, Mississippi; and Marion, Texas!


===== LLANO, TEXAS =====

It’s been a familiar script on the No Limits Tour this season as Ricky Fowler in Zilla has been dominating the competition in racing. He picked up another pair of wins in Llano on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, first defeating Clint Watson in Bearfoot and then taking out Mike Phelps in Monster Patrol. Will Zilla on the sidelines Saturday night due to breakage, Phelps and Watson met in the finals with Phelps winning his 3rd of the year.


Fowler’s two wins were enough to keep him in the top ten for another week, even as Monster Jam stars Tom Meents and Cole Venard join the rankings.


The No Limits tour was next scheduled for Ada, Oklahoma, but that event was recently cancelled. That means their next stops are the following weekend in Shipshewanna, Indiana and Billings, Montana.


===== SATSUMA, FLORIDA =====

Zane Rettew was the fast man on track Saturday in Satsuma, picking up his 4th win of the season on the 2-jump straight line track. Runner-up Zack Garner returned to the final round on Sunday and won over rival Jon Zimmer Jr in Terminal Velocity. This was already their 10 meeting this season and Garner is currently leading the duel 6-4.


The All Stars are off next weekend but then head slightly north to Georgia and the Winder Barrow Speedway.


Adam Anderson has a four-race winning streak and has raced his win to the top of the Open standings! This is the first time we’ve had an Anderson on top of the board, although strangely and thanks to the pandemic restrictions, it is one of the few times that we haven’t had a Grave Digger truck in the top spot. Anderson drove Megalodon to two wins in Salt Lake City and this past weekend swept the first session of events in Houston. He leads in average points and has the 3rd most total points.


Ricky Fowler joins the top ten for the first time and has yet to miss a final round on the CFP Tour. Colton Eichelberger debuted his new Outlaw truck on the Monster Truck Wars tour and quickly won all his events before mechanical problems kept him on the sidelines. Second generation drivers Zack Garner and Jon Zimmer Jr each picked up wins in Florida with the All Stars and have risen up into the Top 20. Clint Watson also grabbed a win this weekend.


The other story to watch next weekend will be Tom Meents. He’s been in the Stadium final in all 4 of his events and—once he reaches the 5-race minimum next weekend—will be looking to move himself into first place and chase another racing championship.



Zack Garner picked up some big points on the All Star tour with a win and runner-up finish. The Wild Side driver finished in the Top Ten last season and it looking to rejoin that elite group. On Saturday afternoon he defeated Zane Rettew, Jon Zimmer Jr, and finally veteran Scott Hartsock to pick up his 4th win of the season. On Sunday afternoon, Garner was back in the finals, but this time Jon Zimmer Jr in Terminal Velocity edged him out on the roundy-round course. For Zimmer, it was his 3rd win of the season and has him up to 17th.


The All Stars are in Satsuma, Florida next weekend to finish off their tour of the Sunshine State.


===== HOUSTON, TEXAS =====

Adam Anderson followed up his 2 wins in Salt Lake City with another pair of wins, this time running against 11 other monsters on the Stadium tour. This was the first of 3 consecutive weekends for Monster Jam at the NRG Stadium in Houston but the drivers were not holding back.


On Saturday night, Adam—driving Megalodon—knocked off rival Todd Leduc in Monster Energy in the first round. He followed it up with a convincing win over Cory Rummell in Rage and then eliminated sister Krysten in Grave Digger to advance to the finals. There he squared off with legend Tom Meents, who was in the final round at both Arlington events. Anderson claimed this victory from the left lane and brought his winning streak up to four.


On Sunday afternoon, Ryan Anderson and Todd Leduc kicked things off with a wild first heat that saw Leduc wrestle a save out of his truck after bicycling in the final turn, and Anderson cartwheeling after the finish line! Ryan in Bakugan Dragonoid won, but could not continue due to damage, which gave Leduc a chance for redemption against Adam Anderson in Megalodon. However, Anderson has Leduc’s number now and posted his fourth consecutive win over the Monster Energy team. Adam got back to the finals with a win over Bari Musawwir, who advanced to the semi-finals both nights.


Tom Meents also returned to the final round for the fourth consecutive event, with wins over Cole Venard and Jamey Garner. Although Meents lost in the finals, he has so far earned 1,398 points in only 4 races for an average of 349.50 which is insane. He has not yet reached the minimum of 5 events to be counted in the standings, but he will pass that mark next week and will be battling for the overall lead.


But Adam Anderson came out on top once again in Houston, beating Meents once again from the fast left lane. The win put Anderson over the 2000 point threshold with the 3rd-best overall points total and the highest average.


This is the first time for Adam Anderson to hold the Overall #1. His previous highest was 2nd place during the 2019 season. Unofficially, this is also the first time between the WMTRL and MTROC that an Anderson has been ranked first.



Ricky Fowler continued his dominant performance on the CFP No Limits tour with another pair of wins in Mississippi. His 7 wins and 2 runner-ups in 9 races has taken him and his Zilla truck into the Top Ten for the first time.


On Friday, after a bye run earned from the two-wheel skills contest, he bested teammate Seth Caldwell in Texas Outlaw and then beat Mike Phelps in Monster Patrol in the finals. The Saturday afternoon race saw the same pairings but in reverse order, as Fowler defeated Caldwell in the finals.

On Saturday night, breakage kept Zilla out of the bracket. Instead, it was Clint Watson in Bearfoot with his 2nd win of the season over Mike Phelps in Monster Patrol.

The No Limits crew still have plenty of events left on their first quarter schedule and will be in Llano, Texas next weekend.


===== PERRY, GEORGIA =====

The Monster Truck Wars in Georgia was full of surprises!


Series stars Outlaw and Sheriff were in competition as usual, but this time the names were worn by Jared and Colton Eichelberger who were debuting their new trucks which were recently bought from Dan Radoni.


Colton has been ranked 9th in both of the past two seasons driving for Team Max-D on Monster Jam, and he showed that his racing prowess extends beyond just the name. Driving the Outlaw truck, Eichelberger was untouchable for the two events on Saturday, beating out Austin Minton in Jekyll & Hyde and Paul Breaud in Backdraft during both events. Breaud was the runner-up in the afternoon and Minton during the evening.

Unfortunately, equipment problems kept the Eichelbergers out of competition for the two Sunday events. In response, Anne Streatch brought out her Muddy Girl truck for the first time this season.

On Sunday afternoon, it was 2Xtreme’s Austin Minton in Jekyll & Hyde taking home his 4th win of the season over teammate Tyler Senger in Iron Outlaw. Minton would go on to sweep the day with a final round win of Breaud later that evening.

For Breaud, the pair of runner-up finished gained him 3 spots in the standings. Minton stayed put in 7th place.

Monster Truck Wars move to Graham, Texas next weekend and are busy through February and March.

2021 JANAURY 18

Thank you to Phelps Motorsports, Ricky Fowler, and Sean Green for helping us with results this weekend! We’re not up to nearly 95% report rate on events with 234 of 247 events reported and 100% reported over the past 6 weeks!


===== BELTON, TEXAS =====

The Checkered Flag Productions No Limits tour was the only action on track this weekend and the fans in Belton were eager to see the monsters race, with demand for tickets necessitating a third event being added on Saturday afternoon.

Be sure to check out the Monster Patrol and Bear Foot Facebook pages for video from this event! The folks at Phelps Motorsports do a fantastic job of documenting their trucks in action and they have all the races plus freestyle videos available right now!


On Friday night, Clint Watson in Bearfoot won his first race of the season over Ricky Fowler in Zilla. It was only the 2nd loss this season for Fowler, who had previously lost to Jared Eichelberger driving a different Bearfoot truck. The win helped move Watson up 5 spots in the standings.

On Saturday, Fowler returned to the finals and remained undefeated this time. In the afternoon, he posted wins over Kane Waldron in Sykotic and Watson in Bearfoot before defeating teammate Seth Caldwell in the Texas Outlaw for the event win. In the evening, he took out Caldwell in the first round and passed by Mike Phelps in Monster Patrol to set up another final round against Bearfoot. This time, Zilla took the win.

Fowler has 5 wins and 2 runner-ups in his 7 events this season and has now risen up to 13th place in the standings. The No Limits tour still has plenty of events on schedule including Meridian, Mississippi; Llano, Texas; Ada, Oklahoma; Billings, Montana; and Shipshewanna, Indiana, so Zilla will have plenty of points available to him to make a run at the top ten.

2021 JANAURY 11

It was quite a wild weekend, too, with a few drivers making big moves in the standings. Todd Leduc dominated in Salt Lake City until Adam Anderson took the reins and closed out the weekend with his own wins. Alex Bardin won his 7th of the season in Victoria, and Dawn Creten scored another big win in Cottonwood. Veterans Michael Harper and Darren Migues also added victories to stay near the top of the list and Nick Pagliarulo wins in Naples.

Next weekend will be a slower one with only one tour in action, but it’s going to be a good one with the CFP No Limits crew heading back to the big floor in Belton, Texas for a trio of racing events.

As always, a big thanks to everyone to helps report events, whether with brackets or videos or photos. We cannot do this without your support and information!



The aptly-named 2Xtreme team kicked off their Chaos Tour with a huge St Louis style track in Alabama. Dawn Creten picked up her 3rd win of the season on Saturday afternoon by defeating Austin Minton in Bounty Hunter. Fans are undoubtedly happy to see Dawn snap her 0-10 final round drought she had during the 2020 season and to see the veteran driver battling for a spot in the Top Ten.

On Sunday afternoon, Darren Migues used the fast loser position to bring his Nitro Menace entry back into the bracket, and then posted wins over Minton in the semi-finals and Brandon Budd with Buckshot in the finals for his 2nd win of the season.


===== NAPLES, FLORIDA =====

The historic Florida Sports Park has seen some great monster truck racing over the years and this year’s All Star Tour event added to that great legacy. The drivers pushed hard in the turns of the long but tight Chicago-style course. In the end, it was Nick Pagliarulo in Kraken overcoming a slow reaction time to catch and pass Scott Hartsock in the Gun Slinger for the event win. He moves into the Top 15 with that win.


===== SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH =====

Monster Jam returned for the first time in 2021 with a huge slate of 5 events inside the Vivint Arena. Due to the restructuring of the driver roster at Feld Motorsports, this event saw a unique mix of competitors as several Stadium drivers competed on the tight floor of the Arena series.

The fastest man to figure out the track was the accomplished Todd Leduc driving for Team Monster Energy. He advanced to the finals on Friday night and Saturday afternoon with wins over the re-debuted Devastator driver by Aaron Basl and Trouble Maker driver by Travis Groth. Leduc defeated Rick Swanson in Obsessed on Friday and Monster Jam’s fastest man Bryce Kenny in the Great Clips Mohawk Warrior on Saturday afternoon.

Through the first two events, Adam Anderson was struggling to get adjusted to his new ride in Megalodon, facing first round defeats in both events. By Saturday night he had found his footing (flippering?) and advanced to the finals, but came up just short to Leduc who scored his 3rd consecutive victory.

There were still two more events lefts on Sunday and Leduc had a legitimate change to sweep all 5 events. He bested Kenny in the first round and Basl in the semi-finals to advance to his 4th consecutive final round. Adam Anderson was getting faster each round, and scored wins over sister Krysten in Grave Digger and David Olfert in the brand new Jurassic Attack. In another close race, Anderson was finally able to end Leduc’s streak and pick up his first win of 2021.

Those two rivals met once again later that evening, but this time in the semi-finals, where Anderson came out on top again before claiming the overall bracket win over Bryce Kenny.

For Leduc, a win on Sunday night would have given him enough points to claim first place in the standings. Despite the semi-final round loss, however, his dominant performance over the weekend was enough to place him 2nd overall in the world standings and a mere 132 points behind Jimmy Creten. Bryce Kenny joins the standings in 5th after his two final round appearances in both Arlington and Salt Lake City, and Adam Anderson is now 8th.


===== VICTORIA, TEXAS =====

The Community Center in Victoria provides plenty of room for a long indoor track and the stars of the Monster Truck Wars tour had to face a two-jump drag during their events in Texas. Alex Bardin extended his series winning streak to 4 on Saturday afternoon with his final round victory over Hunter Dyche in Bearfoot. Bardin was back in the finals later that evening, but it was Michael Harper in Outlaw breaking the streak and taking home his 3rd win of the season.

Bardin dropped down a few spots since the Monster Jam trio of Leduc, Anderson, and Kenny joined the top ten, but his 7 wins are still good enough for 13th overall and also ties him for the 2nd most wins overall this season.


===== THE WEEKS AHEAD =====

The only events on schedule for this weekend are the CFP No Limits races in Belton, Texas. This is always a fun event and we look forward to seeing what kind of action the No Limits crew will unleash. We’re hearing that Mike Phelp’s two trucks—Monster Patrol and Bearfoot—will be there, as will Ricky Fowler’s team of Zilla and Texas Outlaw. Recently added are Kane Waldron’s Sykotic and Top Ten contendor Darren Migues with Nitro Menace!

The next big events coming up are the seven (SEVEN!) Monster Jam stadium events being held in Houston, Texas! These events will feature the same 12 trucks including Adam Anderson, Bryce Kenny, and Todd, Leduc who all scored big points in Salt Lake City. With 408 points awarded to the winner, that means these drivers and the others will have a chance to earn as many as 2,856 points over the next few weekends. Needless to say, these events in Houston will (rightfully) have a big effect on our leader board.

2021 JANAURY 6

Dawn Creten joins the Top Ten for the first time after a win in muddy Morganton. Ricky Fowler swept the first weekend of the CFP No Limits Tour. Those were the only two events this past weekend, but we’ve got some big action ahead start on the 8th! The highest-rated event of the season will be in Salt Lake City has Monster Jam returns for a 5-race weekend, plus the 2Xtreme Tour rolls into Cottonwood, Alabama for a pair, the All Star Tour opens their season in Naples, and Alex Bardin looks to extend his winning streak on the Monster Truck Wars tour in Victoria, Texas!



Dawn Creten is a master at muddy tracks as she once again claimed a racing win in sloppy conditions. She upset third-ranked Brandon Budd in the opening round and prevented him from making ground on Jimmy Creten in the standings. Dawn then defeated teammate Austin Minton driving Bounty Hunter in the finals.


The runner-up finish for Minton moves him up a spot into 4th place, while Dawn jumps up 7 positions into the Top Ten.


===== UVALDE, TEXAS =====

Ricky Fowler kicked off the 2021 No Limits Tour with a pair of wins in Uvalde, Texas. Clint Watson in Bearfoot had a strong showing, too, and gained 4 spots in the standings. Rookie driver Ryan Dieterich made his racing debut driving Texas Outlaw, and would have won his first heat during the evening contest were it not for a disqualification for hitting a track marker.


The Checkered Flag Productions tour is off next weekend but returns the following Friday for their big annual event in Belton, Texas!


===== THE WEEK AHEAD =====

The big news of course is the return of Monster Jam for a huge five-race weekend in Salt Lake City. With no competing stadium events, the Arena tour is stacked this weekend with both Krysten and Adam Anderson, plus Bryce Kenny and Todd Leduc from the Monster Jam team. They’ll be challenged by Independents Eric Swanson, Travis Groth, David Olfert, and Aaron Basl. That makes this the highest-rated event of the season so far, with a 1.163 rating. That mean each race will be worth approximately 348 points for a grand total of 1,740 points available this weekend! Since we have a 5-race minimum, these drivers will all be ranked, as well, assuming they are each able to compete in all 5 events. On top of all that, we’ll also get to see the returns of Devastator and Jurassic Attack!


2Xtreme Racing heads to Cottonwood, Alabama this weekend for two matinee events on Saturday and Sunday. Jimmy Creten is looking to retain his top spot in the standings. Austin Minton is still a few steps away from the top 3, but could made good progress with another strong showing this weekend. And Dawn Creten will be looking to make last week’s win into a winning streak.


Further south, the All Star Tour kicks off their 2021 season at the historic Florida Sports Park in Naples. It looks like racing will be fierce, too, with the Pagliarulo family taking on veteran Scott Hartsock and strong-running youngsters in Zack Garner and Jon Zimmer Jr. Garner, of course, is coming off a Top Ten ranking in the world for the 2020 season.

Last but not least, we’ve got Monster Truck Wars in Victoria, Texas. Alex Bardin in El Oso Loco is currently ranked 9th, but has Dawn Creten right behind after her win last weekend. Bardin has a 3-race winning streak right now and leads the Wars Tour with 6 wins this season, which is also 5th best in the world.