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How can I help?

Compiling and computing results from all over the world requires a lot of work. If you share the MTROC's goals of promoting monster truck racing and would like to join in the effort, here are some ways that you can help.

SUPPORT – The first thing we ask you to do is to support our efforts! Like this page, check the results, and engage in discussions about the standings.

TALK – The second thing we ask you to do is let other know about us! Share the standings on your pages, introduce your friends to the standings, and discuss it at events to other fans, crew members, and drivers.

REPORT – The biggest area we need help with is gathering racing results. If you attend any event, take along a notepad or start a note on your smart phone and record what happens. Then send us the results so we can include them in the standings.

COMPETE – If you are active within the industry, we ask that you keep doing what you do best! We hope that the MTROC will provide more incentive for success and intensify the competition on the track.

OFFICIATE – If you are passionate about monster truck racing and would like a larger role in the MTROC, contact us about further ways you can help. Opportunities includes but are not limited to maintaining event schedules, assembling driver data, researching results, and compiling statistics.

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