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What is the Monster Truck Racing Open Championship?

This is not a fantasy league, a gaming league, or a fictional league. This is real monster trucks in real racing events. We are not promoters or producers but rather compilers and statisticians. We record what happens on the track and assemble it to determine which driver has performed the best in monster truck racing.
This is a MONSTER TRUCK series because we are focused solely on monster trucks. The supporters of this series are passionate about the monster truck industry, well-versed in its colorful and thrilling history, and eager and energetic to grow the sport.
This is a RACING series because we are focused solely on side-by-side racing. Monster trucks are versatile and compete in many forms of events, but racing is unique in that is places two drivers on the track together in direct competition with each other and with an objective criteria for victory.
This is an OPEN series because any and all monster truck drivers who compete in racing are part of the series. There are no exceptions for promoter, country, skill level, track style, or crowd size.
This is a CHAMPIONSHIP series because we intend for the annual winner of our rankings to be considered the world champion of monster truck racing. We support all monster truck series run throughout the world and hope that this championship will supplement the other great series currently being contested.

What is the purpose of the MTROC?

  • To reward proficiency in monster truck racing

  • To raise awareness and appreciation of monster truck racing

  • To increase unity within the monster truck industry

  • To intensify competition among teams by providing an additional incentive to win

  • To promote monster truck racing as a genuine, legitimate, and exciting form of motorsport

  • To provide fans with an engaging points chase to follow and participate in

  • To archive monster truck racing results for posterity

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