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This Week in Monster Truck Racing - February 21-25

* Coty Saucier now in Top Ten after 4 wins in Allentown

** Adam breaks Ryan’s streak in Detroit

*** Tristan England digging life in the Top 5





===== WEEKEND RECAP =====

Coty Saucier has been runner-up in the Open Championship twice, including last year, but has had a hard schedule so far this season with fully half of his event being non-points timed racing contests. This week in Allentown he made up for lost time with 4 wins in 5 races and joins the rankings in 9th place.

Adam Anderson almost beat brother Ryan for the win two weeks ago in Houston but a broken front driveshaft in the final turn caused him to spin out. This week he got his revenge with a sizeable victory over Ryan in Detroit which broke Ryan’s 3-race winning streak. Adam now has the 2nd best Average of all drivers as he moves just ahead of Tyler Menninga.

Tyler Rome, Tim Hall Jr, Chris Whatley, and Tony Ochs all scored double wins this weekend on their respective tours. Rod Schmidt spoiled Josh Baumgartner’s debut in Bigfoot by defeating the newest member of the Original team in the Ada finals. And Preston Collins extended his winning streak to 7 events but we don’t have enough info to score his two wins from this weekend! We just need the runner-ups from the two Del Rio events and then we can award him the points.

Thank you to everyone who reported results to us this weekend: Levi Schones, Rod Schmidt, Josh Baumgartner, Gabriel Lee, Nate Bay, Sean Green, Chris Yuhas, Preston Perez, Bk Moody, SC Monster Madness, Ryan Craig, Rob Poutre, Dan Dahlgren, Zhenya Tilley, Kirk Nagy, Phil Vicinanza, and everyone who posted videos and photos online!





1 ) Ryan Anderson - 6318/351.00 : 2+1=3 : 18/10

2 ) Tyler Menninga - 6809/243.18 : 1+3=4 : 28/18

3 ) Adam Anderson - 4398/244.33 : 3+2=5 : 18/3

4 ) Tristan England - 3865/241.56 : 6+4=10 : 16/5

5 ) John Gordon - 3129/208.6 : 11+5=16 : 15/1


6 ) Camden Murphy - 3040/190.00 : 12+8=20 : 16/2

7 ) Colt Stephens - 3165/150.71 : 10+11=21 : 21/1

8 ) Weston Anderson - 3765/144.81 : 7+15=22 : 26/9

9 ) Coty Saucier - 2537/195.15 : 20+6=26 : 13/7

10) Brandon Vinson - 2956/147.8 : 13+13=26 : 20/10


11) Armando Castro - 3690/131.79 : 8+20=28 : 28/5

12) Bryce Kenny - 2512/167.47 : 21+9=30 : 15/1

13) Preston Collins - 3326/123.19 : 9+22=31 : 27/16

14) Jimmy Creten - 2142/194.73 : 25+7=32 : 11/8

15) Dalton Widner - 3984/113.83 : 4+29=33 : 35/11


16) Bari Musawwir - 3929/112.26 : 5+30=35 : 35/4

17) Mikeal Christensen - 2542/141.22 : 19+17=36 : 18/2

18) Jon Zimmer Jr - 2077/148.36 : 27+12=39 : 14/8

19) Rob Poutre - 2700/122.73 : 16+24=40 : 22/8

20) David Olfert - 2741/119.17 : 15+26=41 : 23/2


===== BIGGEST GAINS =====

+3           Bryce Kenny (12th)

+3           Daron Basl (25th)

+3           Tim Hall Jr (34th)

+3           Alberto Trevino (61st)


===== ADA, OK =====

2/23 Fri Ngt: ROD SCHMIDT [Redneck Rampage] defeated Josh Baumgartner [Bigfoot]

2/24 Sat Ngt: ALLEN PEZO [Predator] defeated Brad Shippert [Against The Grain]

Josh Baumgartner’s debut driving for Team Bigfoot was spoiled by the two veterans in the field as Rod Schmidt and Allen Pezo split wins at the Insanity Tour races in Oklahoma. Schmidt has 5 wins in 12 races this season.  


===== ALLENTOWN, PA =====

2/23 Fri Ngt: ARMANDO CASTRO [El Toro Loco] defeated Zack Garner [Wild Side]

2/24 Sat Aft: COTY SAUCIER [Dragon] defeated Krysten Anderson [Grave Digger]

2/24 Sat Ngt: COTY SAUCIER [Dragon] defeated Armando Castro [El Toro Loco]

2/25 Sun Aft: COTY SAUCIER [Dragon] defeated Krysten Anderson [Grave Digger]

2/25 Sun Ngt: COTY SAUCIER [Dragon] defeated Armando Castro [El Toro Loco]

Last year’s Open Championship runner-up Coty Saucier appears to have hit his stride as he closed out the 5-race Allentown weekend with four consecutive wins and now joins the rankings in 9th place. Saucier has been hindered by an Arena schedule that has used non-scoreable timed racing in 13 of his 26 events this season.  

Armando Castro was the only other driver able to score a win this weekend and added two runner-up finishes to move up into 11th place overall. Krysten Anderson is still searching for her first win this season but now has 5 final round appearances and joins the rankings in 39th.


===== DEL RIO, TX =====

2/24 Sat Aft: We do not have results for this event

2/24 Sat Ngt: We do not have results for this event

We know that Preston Collins extended his winning streak to 7 races with a pair of wins outside in Del Rio, but unfortunately we still need to know where the other drivers finished before we can score this event for points.  


===== DETROIT, MI =====

2/24 Sat Aft: RYAN ANDERSON [Son-uva Digger] defeated Mikeal Christensen [Vendetta]

2/25 Sun Aft: ADAM ANDERSON [Grave Digger] defeated Ryan Anderson [Son-uva Digger]

How about NINE consecutive final round appearances for Ryan Anderson and he’s doing it on the highest-ranked (1.188) series in the sport! It’s easy to see why he’s still ranked #1.

Brother Adam got revenge for the mechanical failure that caused him to lose out to Ryan last weekend with a solid win over Ryan in the finals on Sunday in Detroit which broke Ryan’s 4-race winning streak. Believe it or not but that’s Adam’s first win since the first race of the year in San Francisco.

Independent Mike Christensen might be on to something now. He was runner-up on Saturday in Detroit and has scored points in his past 6 Stadium Series events which is his best streak of the season and has moved him up to 17th.


===== EDINBURG, TX =====

This Hot Wheels Live event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== HATTIESBURG, MS =====

2/24 Sat Aft: RODNEY TWEEDY [USA-1] defeated Travis Schweizer [Monster Patrol]

2/24 Sat Ngt: Bracket disqualified

Rodney Tweedy is undefeated this season, at least in the events where he gets to race. Saturday in Hattiesburg was his 3rd win of the season, but he’s had 4 non-points events and one where he sat out with breakage. The Saturday night bracket could not be scored because Overkill Evolution was brought back to race the finals instead of Taurus despite Overkill having not competed in the semi-finals.  


===== INDIO, CA =====

2/21 Wed Ngt: TYLER ROME [Terminator] defeated Shane Plato [Skull Krusher]

2/22 Thu Ngt: TYLER ROME [Terminator] defeated Ryan Fraser [Survivor]

Tyler Rome starts his season with back-to-back Chicago-style wins in Indio with WGAS. As announced, he actually beat Shane Plato in the final round both nights. However on Thursday Skull Krusher was given a direct bye into the final round as fast qualifier, but this is not allowed per Open Championship rules which state that drivers must advance through the brackets. As a result, the official scored final was between Rome and Ryan Fraser in Survivor.  



This Hot Wheels Live event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== MARION, OH =====

2/24 Sat Aft: DERICK ANSON [Outlaw] defeated Aaron Basl [T-Rex]

2/24 Sat Ngt: AARON BASL [T-Rex] defeated Kaley Engstrom [Shark Attack]

We had hoped that the story from Marion would be about the cool new metal ramps that the Monster Truck Wars tour debuted for their concrete holeshot racing. The ramps were much steeper than other steel ramps we’ve seen and provided some great air on the short course. Sadly, the major news was the tragic incident during Saturday night freestyle when a track worker was struck by a reversing monster truck and is currently (per reports) in the hospital in serious but stable condition. We send our love and encouragement to those suffering through this sad event and hope for a full recover for the injured crew.


===== MIAMI, FL =====

2/24 Sat Ngt: TYLER MENNINGA [Grave Digger] defeated Tristan England [JCB DIGatron]

2/25 Sun Aft: TRISTAN ENGLAND [JCB DIGatron] defeated Bryce Kenny [Great Clips Mohawk Warrior]

Defending World Finals Racing Champion Tristan England hit a bit of a lull last season after winning the Monster Jam Championship but has been catching fire recently on the Stadium East tour. He’s won 4 of his last 6 events and was in the finals both nights in Miami. Only 4 men have been able to beat him this year: Tyler Menninga (3 times), John Gordon (3 times), Jamey Garner (twice), and Ryan Disharoon (once). That strong performance has England into 4th place overall.

Defending Open Champion Tyler Menninga has hit a tough patch (relatively speaking!). After winning 9 of 11 races from November to February, he 1 win and 1 final round appearance in his last 6 events. He’s still earning points and maintains his 2nd place ranking, but Ryan Anderson’s hot streak has helped him solidify his hold on 1st place.


===== REDMOND, OR =====

2/24 Sat Aft: TIM HALL JR [Jurassic Attack] defeated Logan Tweedy [Kamikaze]

2/24 Sat Ngt: TIM HALL JR [Jurassic Attack] defeated Logan Tweedy [Kamikaze]

Tim Hall Jr gets two more wins in the books after a dominate performance in Redmond with the Nitro Tour. He might have a few more wins out there that we don’t have results for, but we’re glad to get these two scored. This event also saw Logan Tweedy take the wheel of Kamikaze for the first time and he picked up two runner-up finishes behind his Throttle Monster teammate.


===== SANTA MARIA, CA =====

2/24 Sat Aft: DAN DAHLGREN [Shark Bite] defeated Michael Brister [Hot Tamale]

2/25 Sun Aft: ROB POUTRE [Bounty Hunter] defeated Dawn Creten [Scarlet Bandit]

The 2Xtreme ran a fast J-turn track this weekend that really leveled the field as four drivers made the finals at least once. Dan Dahlgren won his 2nd event in a row on Saturday afternoon and Rob Poutre returned on Sunday to collect his 8th win of the season.  


===== TRAVELERS REST, SC =====

This SC Monster Madness event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== WACO, TX =====

2/23 Fri Ngt: JACK BROWN [Dirt Crew Dozer] defeated Daron Basl [Block Head]

2/24 Sat Ngt: DARON BASL [Block Head] defeated Jacob Ladwig [Rat Attack]

Daron Basl continues to impress in the Block Head truck with another win and runner-up finish, this time with MAP in Waco. That’s 6 wins this season for Basl and moves him up to 25th place overall. Jack Brown also won his 6th of the year the night before and joins the rankings just ahead of Basl in 23rd.


===== WEST MONROE, LA =====

2/23 Fri Ngt: CHRIS WHATLEY [Bearly Tame] defeated Tommy Varilone [Rampage]

2/24 Sat Aft: CAMERON TWEEDY [Carolina Crusher] defeated Tommy Varilone [Rampage]

2/24 Sat Ngt: CHRIS WHATLEY [Bearly Tame] defeated Thomas Kimmons [Kicking & Screaming]

Chris Whatley of Mississippi Nightmare fame took the wheel of Bearly Tame this weekend for Triple B Motorsports and scored a pair of wins with the Nitro Tour in West Monroe plus a wild over-rotated wheelie during freestyle that resulted in him landing on his roof! Cameron Tweedy in Carolina Crusher was only able to compete in the Saturday afternoon brackets but he came out on top over teammate Tommy Varilone for his 2nd win of the season.


===== WICHITA, KS =====

2/24 Sat Aft: DALTON WIDNER [Jurassic Attack] defeated Alberto Trevino [Monster Mutt Rottweiler]

2/24 Sat Ngt: TONY OCHS [ThunderROARus] defeated Devin Winfield [Velociraptor]

2/25 Sun Aft: TONY OCHS [ThunderROARus] defeated Alberto Trevino [Monster Mutt Rottweiler]

A couple weeks after ThunderROARus teammate Colt Stephens scored some big points on the Stadium Tour, Tony Ochs follows up with his first two wins of the season in Wichita. Alberto Trevino also finally got the monkey off his back with two final round appearances after a trying first quarter that had resulted in only 6 heat wins in his first 23 races. Hopefully now that he is comfortable with the new truck and track we’ll see him putting up points like he was with the Monster Truck Wars tour last year.


===== WINDER, GA =====

This All Star Tour event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.




Arlington, TX (Monster Jam Stadium Championship West)

Camp Verde, AZ (2Xtreme Monster Trucks Live Tour)

Cleburne, TX (Monster Trucks Most Wanted)

Klamath Falls, OR (Monster Truck Insanity Tour)

Laredo, TX (Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live)

Lisbon, Portugal (Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live)

Maryville, TN (All Star Monster Truck Tour)

Medford, OR (Monster Truck Nitro Tour)

Orlando, FL (Monster Jam Stadium Championship East)

Portland, OR (Monster Jam Arena Championship West)

Rapid City, SD (Road 2 Destruction)

Rockford, IL (Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live)

Russellville, KY (Monster Truck Wars)

Saginaw, MI (Toughest Monster Truck Tour)

Salem, VA (Monster Truck Nitro Tour)

Salina, KS (Monster Truck Wars)

Waynesville, GA (Monster X Tour)

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