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This Week in Monster Truck Racing - May 24-26, 2024

* Montana Robbins flies to victory at huge race in Sarver, Pennsylvania

** Mike Vaters Jr ends Jimmy Creten’s 8 race winning streak in Ottawa

*** Devin Winfield victorious in Victorville




===== WEEKEND RECAP FOR MAY 24th – 26th, 2024 =====

We had another huge monster truck event this weekend in Sarver, Pennsylvania as the Overdrive Tour brought 11 trucks together for an over-under course that provided some incredible finishes. Preston Perez’s full-send leap past Krazy Train in the semi-finals was an instant classic finish, but a couple bobbles in the final round prevented him from taking home the big prize. Instead it was Montana Robbins—who returned on the break rule—who powered through the final turn and into the winner’s circle, collecting 312 points in the 2nd largest independent event of the season behind only the Red Bluff West Coat Nationals. Congratulations to Montana on the big win and to Overdrive for the great event!

Out west in Victorville it was Devin Winfield (racing in his 56th bracket of the season) beating out Mason Paul (racing in his first) and gaining four spots in the standings.

Jimmy Creten and Michael Vaters II are two of the most prolific winners on tour. Creten came into Ottawa with an 8 race winning streak on his 2Xtreme Tour but was finally bested by Vaters in Overkill Evolution on the concrete holeshot course.

It was also great to see Anne Breaud back racing in Muddy Girl after an emotional and exhausting few months. She was in top form and full throttle on the concrete holeshot track in Sault Sainte Marie where she picked up her 2nd win of the season.

LOTS of events this weekend so if you’re going to any, please consider writing down results and sending them in. We’re gonna need a lot of help getting everything together for sure.

Thank you to everyone who reported results to us this weekend: Dallas Glenn-Rogers, Michael Keller, Cameron Tweedy, John Brown, Connor McNeil, Devan Wheelers, Zhenya Tilley, Brandon Gallie, Nate Bay, Nicholas Kraemer, Kirk Nagy, Phil Vicinanza, and everyone who posted videos and photos online!





1 ) Ryan Anderson - 9673/322.43 : 2+1=3 : 30/15

2 ) Tyler Menninga - 10643/236.51 : 1+3=4 : 45/26

3 ) Adam Anderson - 7724/241.38 : 4+2=6 : 32/9

4 ) Tristan England - 5723/228.92 : 10+4=14 : 25/6

5 ) Camden Murphy - 5769/206.04 : 9+5=14 : 28/6


6 ) Armando Castro - 7502/153.1 : 5+9=14 : 49/13

7 ) Zack Garner - 6104/160.63 : 8+8=16 : 38/13

8 ) John Gordon - 5552/191.45 : 11+6=17 : 29/3

9 ) Dalton Widner - 8593/140.87 : 3+14=17 : 61/28

10) Weston Anderson - 6164/140.09 : 7+17=24 : 44/16


11) Mikeal Christensen - 4786/140.76 : 15+15=30 : 34/4

12) Bari Musawwir - 6894/111.19 : 6+25=31 : 62/10

13) Todd LeDuc - 4148/148.14 : 21+12=33 : 28/1

14) Coty Saucier - 3712/161.39 : 27+7=34 : 23/8

15) Jon Zimmer Jr - 3879/149.19 : 24+10=34 : 26/15


16) Colt Stephens - 5287/120.16 : 13+21=34 : 44/2

17) Jack Brown - 4356/140.52 : 19+16=35 : 31/10

18) Rob Poutre - 4516/125.44 : 16+20=36 : 36/14

19) Jamie Sullivan - 4816/117.46 : 14+22=36 : 41/10

20) Daron Basl - 4282/125.94 : 20+19=39 : 34/9


===== DRESSER, WI =====

5/25 Sat Aft: We do not have results from this event


===== ELKO, MN =====

5/25 Sat Aft: NO POINTS; This event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded


===== KINGSTON, ON =====

5/26 Sun Aft: We do not have results from this event


===== LYNDEN, WA =====

5/25 Sat Aft: TIM MANCHESTER [Hillbilly] defeated Dave Smith [Maniac]

5/25 Sat Ngt: DAVE SMITH [Maniac] defeated Kylie Thurber [First Responder]

It was another tight U-turn track for the trucks in the northwest. Dave Smith had a great showing, finishing as a finalist both times and winning the Saturday night bracket as First Responder lost steering and could not negotiate the turn.


===== MERCED, CA =====

5/24 Fri Ngt: BILL PAYNE [Rock Star] defeated Nick Jones [Spitfire]

5/26 Sun Aft: MARC SIMONIN [The Cali Kid] defeated Myles Parker [Identity Theft]

Marc Simonin broke his first round losing streak with a win on Sunday afternoon over Myles Parker. That’s his first win of the season. Bill Payne won his 16th on Friday and continues to average about one win every two races on the Malicious Tour.


===== OSHAWA, ON =====

5/25 Sat Aft: TANNER ROOT [Bucking Bronco] defeated Sharon Lubsen [Canadian Crusher]

Tanner Root got behind the wheel for the first time since driving Gunkster in Mexico City back in April. This was his first recorded racing bracket in October of 2022 and technically now gives him a 4-race winning streak (with 2 unreported events in the middle). He took Bucking Bronco to a win on the concrete holeshot course of Sharon Lubsen.  


===== OTTAWA, ON =====

5/25 Sat Aft: MICHAEL VATERS II [Overkill Evoltuion] defeated Jimmy Creten [Bounty Hunter]

We’re missing the two smaller events from the Monster Spectacular from Summerside and Kingston, but we’ve got the whole bracket for the big race in Ottawa. Seven trucks raced on the concrete holeshot course representing Vaters Monster Motorsports, 2Xtreme Racing, and Canada’s Rat Nasty. It came down to the two biggest names in a high-flying shootout with Michael Vaters II coming out on top over Jimmy Creten. Vaters has won 11 of his 12 races this season. For Creten, the loss breaks his 8-race winning streak.


===== PECATONICA, IL =====

5/26 Sun Aft: BYRON CADIGAN [Monster Patrol] defeated Paul Craighead [Bearly Tame]

The two Saturday events in Pecatonica were merged into one big, muddy race on Sunday. Rookie Byron Cadigan wins for the 3rd time in a row (1 unreported event) as he knocked off Paul Craighead in the drag racing finals.


===== SARVER, PA =====

5/25 Sat Ngt: MONTANA ROBBINS [Plane Krazy] defeated Preston Pérez [Toxic]

The third huge monster truck event in two weeks was the awesome Overdrive race at Lernerville Speedway in western Pennsylvania. The packed house saw 11 trucks qualify on the tight over-under track that featured 3 hairpin turns, 3 banked turns, and a wild school bus jump at the finish line.

Eight trucks qualified for the racing bracket. Jerry Beck won his first round match-up against Daron Basl in Dozer but could not return, to Montana Robbins—who had lost to brother and fast qualifier Triton in the first round—came back in his place.

Montana would get an easy semi-final round victory when Amped Up pulled up lame in the first turn, but the other semi-final round was an incredible race between Preston Perez and Triton Robbins. Robbins in Krazy Train led Perez by a truck length and had the inside lane on the final turn, but Perez floored the Toxic Ford through the final turn, fighting the wheel as he approached the bus, and jumped over and past Krazy Train to be declared the winner by the smallest of margins!

The final round was even more intense as Perez was the leader this time, but got squirrely in Turn 2 and was misaligned for the over-under jump. He landed hard on the left side with only two tires on the tall landing ramp, but recomposed himself and the truck quickly, resulting in the two trucks being side-by-side through the entire final turn. Montana Robbins in Plane Krazy had the outside lane and just like Perez had done in the previous round, he power-slid through the turn and was then home free as Perez spun out on the lead-up to the final ramp.

Congratulations to Montana Robbins on the huge victory on a huge track. That’s his 2nd win of the season and his largest points earnings with 312. He currently has 1257 points through 13 races and needs 7 more to join the rankings.

This event was the highest-rated independent event of this size (8 truck bracket) with a 1.044 rating and is the 2nd biggest points total award at an independent event (312) behind only the West Coast Nationals in Red Bluff, California which featured 12 trucks. For comparison, the caliber of drivers in this bracket was higher than the Monster Jam World Finals Last Chance Qualifier (1.044 to 0.846) and worth only slight fewer points (312 to 320) despite having 1 fewer round of competition. So in other words, this was absolutely a big event and a huge accomplishment for Montana and the Overdrive Tour!



5/25 Sat Aft: ANNE BREAUD [Muddy Girl] defeated Perry Como [Loud & Dirty]

 Anne Breaud returned to the driver’s seat after an emotionally draining few months and took home a much-deserved win with a full throttle launch in the final round against Perry Como on the concrete holeshot course. That’s her 2nd win of the season.


===== SIDNEY, MT =====

5/25 Sat Aft: CAMERON TWEEDY [Carolina Crusher] defeated Tim Hall Jr [Jurassic Attack]

Cameron Tweedy has had to sit out racing in 5 of his last 6 events, but he’s a threat to win whenever he gets to the line and he added his 7th win of the season at the first annual Monster Trux event in Sidney.


===== VICTORVILLE, CA =====

5/25 Sat Ngt: DEVIN WINFIELD [Velociraptor] defeated Mason Paul [Rockwell R.E.D.]

The tight U-turn track was too tricky for some drivers as turning penalties decided several races in Victorville. Brandon Gallie in Enforcer won his semi-final bout over Rockwell RED but could not return due to breakage, which put Mason Paul into his first final round of the season in his first race of the season. His opponent was teammate Devin Winfield who was competing in his 73rd event of the season and 4th consecutive final round. Winfield takes this one home and was our second biggest improver of the week as he gained 4 spots to join the Top 30.



Boonsboro, MD (Overdrive Monster Truck Tour)

Bozeman, MT (Monsters of Destruction)

Carrollton, IL (Full Throttle Monster Trucks)

East Rutherford, NJ (Monster Jam Stadium Series)

Everett, WA (Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live: Glow Party Arena Event)

Gallup, NM (Kicker Monster Truck Nationals)

Hartford, MI (Night of Destruction)

Hurricane, UT (Monster Truck Militia Tour)

Orillia, ON (Monster Madness)

Quebec City, QC (Monster Spectacular)

Richmond, IN (Extreme Motor Madness)

Show Low, AZ (Monster Truck Nitro Tour)

Stockton, CA (Monster Truck Madness)

Topsham, ME (Renegade Monster Truck Tour)

Wausau, WI (Monster X Tour)

Wilmot, WI (Monster Truck Throwdown)

Windsor, ON (Monster Trucks All Out Tour Northern Lights Party)

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