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This Week in Monster Truck Racing - June 25 to July 2, 2024

* Roger Gauger wins 3 times in 3 cities with Full Throttle Tour

** Elliott Miller upsets Jon Zimmer Jr for win in South Bend

*** Frank Krmel’s first win ends Alex Bardin’s winning streak in Susquehanna




===== WEEKEND RECAP FOR JUNE 25th – JULY 2nd, 2024 =====

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than with a weekend full of independent events! Monster Jam only ran timed racing this weekend so all of the points came from independent promoters.

The highest-rated of those was the 4-truck All Star Tour event in Lewiston, Idaho that featured four of Team Throttle Monster’s bests. Mike Christensen won that one and inches closer to the Top Ten.

Roger Gauger drove the Bigfoot colors to a three-race sweep on the Full Throttle Tour including two classic wins over Stomper. Sadly, the in-house Bigfoots were again stuck without any racing action despite the Hot Wheels tour gathering 14 trucks inside the Tacoma Dome.

The only other man with more than one win was Dillon Fenley who won twice with Monster Trucks Maniac in Celeste. He might have taken 3 on Sunday but they switched to timed racing due to breakage.

Elliott Miller had a big upset on South Bend as he put away Jon Zimmer Jr in the first round and went on to win that evening’s Throwdown bracket. Zimmer Jr was back the next night to regain the top spot.

Alex Bardin’s four race winning streak came to an end courtesy a great holeshot from Frank Krmel on a muddy track in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. Bardin had won the first night.

Thank you to everyone who reported results to us this weekend:, Stanley Hernandez, J.r. Rouse, Lee Collins, Nick Davis, Mike Bevacqua, Dillon Fenley, Preston Perez, Bryan Wagner, David Rife, Kirk Nagy, Phil Vicinanza, and everyone who posted videos and photos online!





1 ) Ryan Anderson - 10539/319.36 : 2+1=3 : 33/16

2 ) Tyler Menninga - 10643/236.51 : 1+3=4 : 45/26

3 ) Adam Anderson - 8573/244.94 : 4+2=6 : 35/10

4 ) Tristan England - 6415/229.11 : 7+4=11 : 28/7

5 ) Camden Murphy - 5769/206.04 : 10+5=15 : 28/6


6 ) Zack Garner - 6346/162.72 : 8+7=15 : 39/13

7 ) Armando Castro - 7727/148.6 : 5+10=15 : 52/13

8 ) John Gordon - 5552/191.45 : 11+6=17 : 29/3

9 ) Dalton Widner - 9133/142.7 : 3+14=17 : 64/30

10) Weston Anderson - 6164/140.09 : 9+15=24 : 44/16


11) Mikeal Christensen - 5182/132.87 : 14+16=30 : 39/6

12) Bari Musawwir - 6894/107.72 : 6+26=32 : 64/10

13) Jon Zimmer Jr - 4761/144.27 : 20+13=33 : 33/19

14) Jack Brown - 4906/132.59 : 16+17=33 : 37/11

15) Colt Stephens - 5287/120.16 : 13+21=34 : 44/2


16) Daron Basl - 4876/128.32 : 18+18=36 : 38/11

17) Todd LeDuc - 4148/148.14 : 26+11=37 : 28/1

18) Coty Saucier - 3712/161.39 : 30+8=38 : 23/8

19) Preston Collins - 5343/104.76 : 12+28=40 : 51/28

20) Rob Poutre - 4706/120.67 : 21+20=41 : 39/15


===== BURLINGTON, KY =====

6/29 Sat Ngt: ROGER GAUGER [Bigfoot] defeated Randy Barton [Bugzilla]

Roger Gauger goes 2-for-2 with the Full Throttle Tour to open up the week. He is currently unranked with only 9 races recorded. Read down to Rushville to see if he could complete the three-race tour sweep this weekend.


===== CELESTE, TX =====

6/28 Fri Ngt: DILLON FENLEY [King Krunch] defeated Alec White [Tantrum]

6/29 Sat Ngt: DILLON FENLEY [King Krunch] defeated Ryan Robinson [Nitro Hornet]

6/30 Sun Aft: NO POINTS; Racing was contested as solo timed runs rather than side-by-side

Dillon Fenley picked up a pair of wins with the Monster Trucks Maniac tour near Greenville, Texas. That included a win over Alec White who was campaigning a Tantrum sticker on his Bad Decision truck just for this weekend. Sunday’s bracket was switched to timed runs due to breakage.


===== CORYDON, IN =====

6/28 Fri Aft: ROGER GAUGER [Bigfoot] defeated Dalton VanSkyock [Stomper]

Roger Gaugers started the Full Throttle’s 3-city/3-race weekend with a win over Dalton VanSkyock in a classic Bigfoot versus Stomper final. It was Gauger’s first win of the season.


===== DEADWOOD, SD =====

6/29 Sat Ngt: TYLER GROTH [The Veteran] defeated Aaron Basl [Devastator]

6/30 Sun Aft: DEVIN WINFIELD [Velociraptor] defeated Joe Urie [Rockwell R.E.D.]

A balanced field of competitors in Deadwood for the Monsters of Destruction Tour as 4 of the 5 drivers reached the final round. Technically Joe Urie qualified for both finals but could not compete on Saturday due to breakage. Tyler Groth was the man who replaced Urie in the finals and won his 5th of the season (while his teammates were enjoying a Hawai’I trip to crush cars at the 50th State Fair). Devin Winfield gains a spot with his 9th win of the season on the Chicago-style track.


===== GREENFIELD, MA =====

This Overdrive Tour event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== KALAMAZOO, MI =====

This Night of Destruction event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== LEITCHFIELD, KY =====

6/29 Sat Ngt: ALLEN PEZO [Predator] defeated David Rife [Awesome Kong]

Allen Pezo joined the Monster Truck Challenge Live and added another win to his hall-of-fame career by beating out David Rife in Awesome Kong. This was their first head-to-head match-up of the year.


===== LEWISTON, ID =====

6/29 Sat Ngt: MIKEAL CHRISTENSEN [Vendetta] defeated Dalton Widner [Jurassic Attack]

Mike Christensen inches closed to Weston Anderson and the Top Ten with his 6th win of the season over teammate Dalton Widner. For Widner it was his 38th final of the season, which is 2nd best only to Preston Collins’ 40.


===== LEXINGTON, KY =====

This Monster Jam Arena event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== MANCHESTER, NH =====

This Monster Jam Arena event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== PARSHALL, ND =====

6/25 Tue Ngt: TOMMY VARILONE [Rampage] defeated Mike Rowley [Bearly Tame]

Triple B Motorsports went to the Healing Horse Ranch for another visit to the Fort Berthold Reservation. Unlike previous years, however, we have results this time! Tommy Varilone inches out a win over Mike Rowley in Bearly Tame on the wide Chicago-style track. That’s his 6th win of the season.


===== QUARRYVILLE, PA =====

This Buck Motorsports event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== RUSHVILLE, IL =====

7/2 Tue Ngt: ROGER GAUGER [Bigfoot] defeated Dalton VanSkyock [Stomper]

Roger Gauer completes sweep of the three Full Throttle Tour races this weekend and also swept the three competitions in Rushville for the overall event championship.


===== SOUTH BEND, IN =====

7/1 Mon Ngt: ELLIOTT MILLER [Frontier Truck Parts] defeated Jack Brown [Dirt Crew Dozer]

7/2 Tue Ngt: JON ZIMMER JR [Terminal Velocity] defeated Jack Brown [Dirt Crew Dozer]

For only the 4th time in 33 races this season Jon Zimmer Jr went out in the first round as he gets upset by eventual winner Elliott Miller in Frontier Truck Parts. Zimmer returned on Tuesday night to pick up his 19th win of the season. Jack Brown’s two runner-up finishes has him 222 points behind Zimmer Jr for the 13th spot in the rankings.


===== SUSQUEHANNA, PA =====

6/29 Sat Ngt: ALEX BARDIN [Stone Crusher] defeated Greg Winchenbach [Crushstation]

6/30 Sun Aft: FRANK KRMEL [Hooked] defeated Alex Bardin [Stone Crusher]

It was a muddy one in northern Pennsylvania for the Versus team. The Burseys debuted a new, as-yet-unbodied Towasaurus Wrex truck but struggled with engine issues all weekend. Alex Bardin kept up his 4 race winning streak with a powerful win over Crushstation on Saturday night. On Sunday, veteran Frank Krmel stole a holeshot from the kid and had the dryer high-side of the track to his advantage and he hands Bardin his first loss in 5 races. For Krmel it was his first win of the season.


===== TACOMA, WA =====

This Hot Wheels Live event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.

A disappointing weekend in Tacoma as the Hot Wheels Live tour brought 14 trucks to the big floor of the Tacoma Dome including all-time greats like Kreg Christensen and Bobby Holman (when was the last time THOSE two have been under the same roof?). Yet despite this incredible assembly of man and machine, once again they ignored racing. It would have been awesome to see an East-meets-West battle between Ohio’s Beast and Utah’s Dragon Slayer.


===== WATERVILLE, WA =====

6/28 Fri Ngt: We do not have results from this event

6/29 Sat Ngt: We do not have results from this event


===== WATSONVILLE, CA =====

6/29 Sat Aft: We do not have results from this event

6/29 Sat Ngt: We do not have results from this event




Billings, MT (Monster Night At Big Sky Speedway)

Cardiff, UK (Monster Jam International)

Casper, WY (Monster Truck Nitro Tour)

Del Mar, CA (WGAS)

Findlay, OH (Extreme Motor Madness)

Fowlerville, MI (Monster Truck Throwdown)

Greenville, TX (KEP's Monster Brawl)

Middlebourne, WV (Vaters Monster Motorsports)

Morley, MI (Ultimate Monster Truck Championship)

Mount Pleasant, MI (Monster Truck Throwdown)

Peoria, IL (Monster X Tour)

Polson, MT (Malicious Monster Truck Tour)

Pomona, CA (WGAS)

Princeton, IN (Full Throttle Monster Trucks)

Talladega, AL (Monster Truck Nitro Tour)

Terre Haute, IN (Full Throttle Monster Trucks)

Troy, MO (Full Throttle Monster Trucks)

Warsaw, IN (Xtreme Monster Madness)

West Bend, WI (Monster Truck Nitro Tour)

Winnipeg, MB (Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live: Glow Party Arena Event)

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