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This Week in Monster Truck Racing - June 14-16, 2024

* Cameron Tweedy crushes competition at Miller Farms

** Dalton Widner wins industry-leading 29th race of the season

*** Zack Garner moves into the Top 5 after semi-final finish in KCMO




===== WEEKEND RECAP FOR JUNE 14th – 16th, 2024 =====

Father’s Day weekend means Miller’s Farm in the east and Colorado National Speedway in the west. Cameron Tweedy won 2 of the 4 drag races at Miller’s Farm in New Jersey and joins the rankings in 55th. Dalton Widner won his 29th bracket of the season (the most of any driver) on Dacono, Colorado, and is also now tied for most races with 62.

Tristan England picked up the win in Kansas City, Missouri to solidify his 4th place ranking in the Open Championship. But now right behind him is reigning World Finals Racing Champion Zack Garner who has reached new heights with his 5th place ranking.

In Erie, the Robbins brothers each won once over the two members of Warped Racing on a very tricky Z-shaped course put together by the All Star Tour. The Overdrive tour meanwhile was running on a fast S-shaped course in Indianapolis where Jack Brown picked up the win and also picked up 4 spots in the rankings.

There’s more to say down below!

Thank you to everyone who reported results to us this weekend: Mark Werner, Cameron Tweedy, Bryan Wagner, Matthew Arel, Pat Paquet, Austin Ashley, Stanley Hernandez, Austin Dahlgren, Mike Bevacqua, Nate Bay, Nick Kraemer, Connor McNeil, Kirk Nagy, Phil Vicinanza, and everyone who posted videos and photos online!





1 ) Ryan Anderson - 10123/316.34 : 2+1=3 : 32/15

2 ) Tyler Menninga - 10643/236.51 : 1+3=4 : 45/26

3 ) Adam Anderson - 8261/242.97 : 4+2=6 : 34/10

4 ) Tristan England - 6207/229.89 : 8+4=12 : 27/7

5 ) Zack Garner - 6346/162.72 : 7+7=14 : 39/13


6 ) Armando Castro - 7727/151.51 : 5+9=14 : 51/13

7 ) Camden Murphy - 5769/206.04 : 10+5=15 : 28/6

8 ) John Gordon - 5552/191.45 : 11+6=17 : 29/3

9 ) Dalton Widner - 8806/142.03 : 3+14=17 : 62/29

10) Weston Anderson - 6164/140.09 : 9+15=24 : 44/16


11) Jon Zimmer Jr - 4485/149.5 : 21+10=31 : 30/18

12) Mikeal Christensen - 4964/134.16 : 14+17=31 : 37/5

13) Bari Musawwir - 6894/111.19 : 6+26=32 : 62/10

14) Colt Stephens - 5287/120.16 : 13+21=34 : 44/2

15) Jack Brown - 4602/135.35 : 19+16=35 : 34/11


16) Todd LeDuc - 4148/148.14 : 24+12=36 : 28/1

17) Daron Basl - 4684/126.59 : 17+19=36 : 37/10

18) Rob Poutre - 4706/123.84 : 16+20=36 : 38/15

19) Coty Saucier - 3712/161.39 : 30+8=38 : 23/8

20) Jamie Sullivan - 4816/117.46 : 15+23=38 : 41/10


===== BARRIE, ON =====

6/15 Sat Aft: MICHAEL VATERS II [Overkill Evolution] defeated Michael Vaters I [Black Stallion]

The only times that Mikey Vaters doesn’t reach the finals is when he breaks, but he was in top form in Barrie and picked up his 11th win and 8th win head-to-head against his dad this season.


===== BERLIN, NJ =====

6/14 Fri Ngt: CAMERON TWEEDY [Carolina Crusher] defeated Rodney Tweedy [USA-1]

6/15 Sat Aft: BRANDON DERROW [Bad News Travels Fast] defeated Cameron Tweedy [Carolina Crusher]

6/15 Sat Ngt: CAMERON TWEEDY [Carolina Crusher] defeated Brandon Derrow [Bad News Travels Fast]

6/16 Sun Aft: RODNEY TWEEDY [USA-1] defeated Brandon Derrow [Bad News Travels Fast]

The big KSR event at Miller Farm in New Jersey was expanded to a four-race weekend this year. Both Cameron Tweedy and Brandon Derrow advanced to the finals three times with Tweedy taking two wins on the weekend. He also qualified for the Sunday afternoon final but broke after the semis which let Rodney Tweedy come back and pick-up the Father’s Day win. With those events scored, Rodney and Cameron now join the rankings in 52nd and 55th respectively. Brandon Derrow has 1313 points but needs 5 more scored events to join the rankings.


===== CEDAR CITY, UT =====

6/14 Fri Ngt: We do not have results from this event

6/15 Sat Ngt: We do not have results from this event

No report from the Family Tour in Cedar City, Utah.


===== COOS BAY, OR =====

6/14 Fri Ngt: We do not have results from this event

6/15 Sat Ngt: We do not have results from this event

No report yet from the Malicious Tour in Coos Bay, but we’re told that Nick Jones took both wins driving the Rock Star.


===== DACONO, CO =====

6/16 Sun Aft: DALTON WIDNER [Jurassic Attack] defeated Jim Koehler [Avenger]

Dalton Widner is now tied for the most racing competitions amongst active drivers this year with 62, the same as Bari Musawwir. Widner also now has the most racing wins of any driver with 29. Since February, he has not gone more than 3 races without a win. His latest was the Father’s Day Super Show at Colorado National Raceway where he took out Jim Koehler. He is ranked 9th by a comfortable margin.


===== ESCANABA, MI =====

6/15 Sat Aft: JON ZIMMER JR [Terminal Velocity] defeated Jon Zimmer Sr [Uproar]

Jon Zimmer Jr is now 2-for-2 on the Throwdown tour after taking another win over father Jon Sr in Uproar. Junior has a 17-4 advantage in that head-to-head series this year.


===== INDIANAPOLIS, IN =====

6/15 Sat Ngt: JACK BROWN [Dirt Crew Dozer] defeated Daron Basl [Block Head]

Jack Brown was cruising around the big dusty track in Indianapolis as the Overdrive Tour tested the drivers with a big S-course featuring fast sweeping turns. Brown’s win moved him up 4 spots in the standings to 15th. He has remained inside the Top 20 since March.


===== KANSAS CITY, MO =====

6/15 Sat Ngt: TRISTAN ENGLAND [JCB DIGatron] defeated Cory Rummell [Megalodon]

Tristan England won his 7th race of the season to maintain his 4th place spot in the rankings. He bested former two-time Open Champion Ryan Anderson in the semi-finals during their first head-to-head race of the season. On the other side of the bracket, two top independent drivers met up with Cory Rummell knocking off the reigning Monster Truck World Finals Racing Champion Zack Garner. Rummell moved up 6 spots with his runner-up finish (he’s 0-5 in finals this year) and Garner moved up 2 spots to #5 overall which is his highest rank of the season.


===== MANITOWOC, WI =====

6/15 Sat Aft: BRETT FALVEY [USA-1] defeated Mike Rowley [Bearly Tame]

6/15 Sat Ngt: We do not have results from this event

Brett Falvey picks up another win for USA-1 as he takes out Mike Rowley in the afternoon final on the Monster X Tour. We do not have any news from the evening race.


===== MUSKOGEE, OK =====

6/15 Sat Ngt: ALEC WHITE [Bad Decision] defeated Thomas Kimmons [Kicking & Screaming]

Excessive heat caused the cancellation of the afternoon Nitro Tour event in Muskogee, so the drivers put it all on the line Saturday night. Alec White came out on top for his 2nd win of the season. White is having a strong summer so far. He was runner-up twice in Dickson, made the quarter-finals for both races in Miami, OK, and now has 2 wins in his last 4 races.


===== NORTH BAY, ON =====

6/16 Sun Aft: MICHAEL VATERS I [Black Stallion] defeated Chris DeHoyos [Higher Education]

I said earlier that Mikey Vaters only misses the finals when he breaks. Well, he broke in North Bay. Instead it was a fitting Father’s Day victory for the patriarch in Black Stallion as Mike Sr as he picks up his first win of the season on the concrete holeshot course.


===== NORTH EAST, PA =====

6/14 Fri Ngt: MONTANA ROBBINS [Plane Krazy] defeated Cory Snyder [Illuminator]

6/15 Sat Ngt: TRITON ROBBINS [Krazy Train] defeated Preston Pérez [Toxic]

The Robbins brothers paired up for a family sweep on the tricky Z-course near Erie, Pennsylvania. Triton now has 3 wins on the season and gained a spot in the rankings. Montana has 3 wins but only 19 scored races, so he still needs one more before he is ranked.


===== SASKATOON, SK =====

This Hot Wheels Live event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded


===== SEEKONK, MA =====

This Renegade Tour event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded


===== SHEDIAC, NB =====

6/15 Sat Aft: ED SANDERSON [Train Wreck] defeated Jim Pigeon [Xtreme Jim]

6/16 Sun Aft: DALE EVE [Hellion] defeated Ed Sanderson [Train Wreck]

There’s always good racing at the Centre for Speed in Shediac, even though the afternoon race saw drivers contesting with a slippery, muddy track. Ed Sanderson was in the finals both races and only lost out to Dale Eve in the Hellion through the double-elimination brackets.


===== SPRINGFIELD, NE =====

6/15 Sat Ngt: MICHAEL BRISTER [Hot Tamale] defeated Dawn Creten [Scarlet Bandit]

Michael Brister struggled in March through May with only two final rounds, but now he has 2 back-to-back finals on the 2Xtreme Tour and picked up his 5th win of the season.  


===== STOCKTON, CA =====

This Hot Wheels Live event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded


===== WEST SALEM, WI =====

This West Salem Speedway event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded



Altamont, NY (Overdrive Monster Truck Tour)

Cedar Rapids, IA (Monsters of Destruction)

Cortez, CO (Monster Truck Militia)

Crescent City, CA (Malicious Monster Truck Tour)

Dresden, Germany (Monster Jam International)

Fort Smith, AR (Monster Truck Insanity Tour)

Granite City, IL (Monster X Tour)

Hartford, MI (Monster Truck Show)

McHenry, MD (Renegade Monster Truck Tour)

Nashville, TN (Monster Jam Stadium Series)

Orange, VA (Monster Truck Challenge Live)

Peterborough, ON (Monster Trucks All Out Tour Northern Lights Party)

Pittsburgh, PA (Monsters & Megas)

San Bernardino, CA (2Xtreme)

Spokane, WA (Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live: Glow Party Arena Event)


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