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This Week in Monster Truck Racing - April 5-7, 2024

* Dalton Widner leads everyone with 25 racing wins

** Ryan Disharoon shakes things up with first win in Syracuse

*** RJ Turners breaks Mike Vaters Jr’s 22-heat winning streak





===== WEEKEND RECAP FOR APRIL 5th – 7th, 2024 =====

Dalton Widner is making a push for the Monster Jam Arena West championship and he helped his cause with 3 more racing wins this weekend in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He also now leads the world with 25 racing wins this season and moves up into 6th place, which is the highest ranking for an independent driver. Top racers Adam Anderson, Bari Musawwir, and Colt Stephens all picked up wins, as well.

Another win for independents came in Syracuse where Ryan Disharoon grabbed his first win of the season on the Stadium tour, beating out defending World Finals Racing champion Tristan England in the finals.

Mike Vaters II was undefeated through his first 8 races (that we have recorded) this season coming into Corinth, but RJ Turner finally got the best of him in their first head-to-head match-up of the season. Vaters returned on Saturday night with his 9th win of the season.

This weekend also saw the season opener for the Renegade Tour in Virginia, a guest driver picking up a win for the Carolina Crusher team, and more! Read below to see who else ended up in victory lane this week.

Thank you to everyone who reported results to us this weekend: Bryan Wagner, Sean Green, Dillon Fenley, Allison Turner, Levi Schones, Rob Poutre, Rudy Martin Del Campo, Nick Migues, Nick Kraemer, Brian Manson, Dallas Glenn-Rogers, Kirk Nagy, Phil Vicinanza, and everyone who posted videos and photos online!





1 ) Ryan Anderson - 9109/337.37 : 1+1=2 : 27/15

2 ) Tyler Menninga - 8831/226.44 : 2+4=6 : 39/23

3 ) Adam Anderson - 5279/239.95 : 5+2=7 : 22/4

4 ) Camden Murphy - 4757/190.28 : 7+5=12 : 25/4

5 ) Tristan England - 4395/231.32 : 11+3=14 : 19/5


6 ) Dalton Widner - 7611/138.38 : 3+14=17 : 55/25

7 ) John Gordon - 3908/186.1 : 12+6=18 : 21/1

8 ) Weston Anderson - 4889/139.69 : 6+13=19 : 35/13

9 ) Armando Castro - 4757/135.91 : 7+16=23 : 35/7

10) Colt Stephens - 4591/135.03 : 9+17=26 : 34/2


11) Bari Musawwir - 5799/115.98 : 4+24=28 : 50/10

12) Mikeal Christensen - 3712/137.48 : 15+15=30 : 27/3

13) Jon Zimmer Jr - 3340/151.82 : 22+9=31 : 22/12

14) Zack Garner - 3452/143.83 : 19+12=31 : 24/7

15) Coty Saucier - 3056/179.76 : 25+7=32 : 17/8


16) Jack Brown - 3003/150.15 : 26+10=36 : 20/9

17) Jamie Sullivan - 3715/116.09 : 14+23=37 : 32/7

18) Preston Collins - 4469/106.4 : 10+28=38 : 42/22

19) Brandon Vinson - 2974/148.7 : 29+11=40 : 20/10

20) Rob Poutre - 3365/120.18 : 21+21=42 : 28/10


===== BIGGEST GAINS =====

+4 – Jack Brown (Dirt Crew Dozer)

+4 – Ryan Disharoon (Shaker)

+4 – Tony Ochs (ThunderROARus)

+4 – Jerry Beck (Dirt Crew)

+3 – Cory Rummell (Megalodon)

+3 – Aaron Basl (T-Rex)

+3 – Steven Thompson (Buffalo Tremor)


===== ABILENE, TX =====

4/6 Sat Aft: JEFF MURPHY [Fatal Attraction] defeated Thomas Kimmons [Kicking & Screaming]

4/6 Sat Ngt: THOMAS KIMMONS [Kicking & Screaming] defeated Brett Falvey [Quad Chaos]

 Thomas Kimmons had his best weekend of the season so far with not only his 4th runner-up finish of the season but also his first event win on Saturday night. Kimmons more than doubled his season points total with his strong showing against strong racers including Jeff and Justin Murphy and Brett Falvey.


===== ARCADIA, FL =====

4/6 Sat Aft: ROB POUTRE [Bounty Hunter] defeated Dawn Creten [Scarlet Bandit]

Rob Poutre reaches double-digits with his 10th win of the season in Arcadia and jumps up 1 spot into the Top 20.


===== BRANDENTON, FL =====

This Freedom Factory event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== CASPER, WY =====

4/6 Sat Aft: JACK BROWN [Dirt Crew Dozer] defeated Jerry Beck [Dirt Crew]

Jack Brown lost to series rival Daron Basl in Blockhead in the first round of Toughest Tour racing in Casper, Wyoming, but Blockhead’s breakage allowed Brown back into the program and he finished with two wins over The Veteran and boss Jerry Beck in Dirt Crew to claim his 9th win of the season and move up 4 spots in the rankings.  


===== CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA =====

4/6 Sat Aft: AARON BASL [T-Rex] defeated Travis Rife [Outlaw]

4/6 Sat Ngt: AARON BASL [T-Rex] defeated Kaley Engstrom [Shark Attack]

Aaron Basl had an 8-race winning streak earlier in the season with Monster Truck Wars and had started a 3-race streak after sweeping the two events in City of Industry, California. He has 18 wins overall this season which is currently 4th best of all drivers.


===== CLEAR BROOK, VA =====

4/6 Sat Aft: JOE LOCKHART [Shredder] defeated Logan Tweedy [Kamikaze]

4/6 Sat Ngt: TED MILLARD [Be Aware] defeated Joe Lockhart [Shredder]

The Renegade Tour kicked off their 2024 season in Clear Brook on a two-jump track. Joe Lockhart won racing in the afternoon over Team Throttle Monster’s Logan Tweedy in Kamikaze, and it looked like he would sweep in the evening. Ted Millard made the finals courtesy the fast loser spot and breakage from opponents, and in the finals got more luck to finish the night as Lockhart failed to hit the final jump with both front tires and was disqualified. That’s Millard’s first win of the season. The Renegades will be in Gaithersburg, Maryland this weekend.


===== COLUMBIA, SC =====

This Monster Jam Arena event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== CORINTH, MS =====

4/5 Fri Ngt: RJ TURNER [War Wizard] defeated Michael Vaters II [Overkill Evolution]

4/6 Sat Ngt: MICHAEL VATERS II [Overkill Evolution] defeated Steven Thompson [Buffalo Tremor]

Michael Vaters II had made it through 22 consecutive rounds of racing without a loss prior to the finals in Corinth on Friday night when RJ Turner in War Wizard upset Vaters to grab his 2nd event win of the season. Turner was out quick on Saturday, though, and Vaters again mowed through the field on the sandy Chicago-style track to pick up his 9th win of the season.


===== FARMINGTON, NM =====

4/6 Sat Aft: BRANDON SWICK [Geronimo] defeated Austin Spence [Boss Gator]

4/6 Sat Ngt: BRANDON SWICK [Geronimo] defeated Austin Spence [Boss Gator]

Brandon Swick had won 3 races in his first 15 events this season but has been on a tear since March and has now won 4 of his last 5. He ranked 44th in the world.  


===== GREEN BAY, WI =====

4/5 Fri Aft: DALTON WIDNER [Jurassic Attack] defeated Tony Ochs [ThunderROARus]

4/6 Sat Aft: DEVIN WINFIELD [Velociraptor] defeated Tony Ochs [ThunderROARus]

4/6 Sat Ngt: DALTON WIDNER [Jurassic Attack] defeated Tony Ochs [ThunderROARus]

4/7 Sun Aft: DALTON WIDNER [Jurassic Attack] defeated Matt Cody [Grave Digger]

Dalton Widner is making a serious push to win the Monster Jam Arena West series championship as the season enters its final week. While the fan judged events are dependent at least partially on favoritism, side-by-side racing comes down strictly to the drivers and in that event Dalton Widner has been head-and-shoulders above his tourmates. Although he won only 3 of his first 22 races (including 7 first round loses) through mid-January, he has since won 22 of 33 races with only 4 first round loses. Widner is now ranked 6th overall in the world and is the highest-ranked independent driver. He has the 3rd most points (7611—next closest is Bari Musawwir with 5799) and now is atop everyone with 25 wins.

The only one to beat Widner this weekend was Tony Ochs in ThunderROARus who had 3 runner-up finishes and sits in 42nd place. Team Throttle Monster’s Devin Winfield got the 4th win and sits just ahead of teammate Tim Hall Jr in 31st.


===== GREENVILLE, SC =====

This Monster Jam Arena event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== HAMBURG, GERMANY =====

4/6 Sat Aft: CHARLIE PAUKEN [Grave Digger] defeated Brandon Arthur [Iron Man]

Veteran Charlie Pauken used to dominate no-dirt events but the slick floor in Birmingham, England was too tough to tame. He was surely glad to be back on dirt and driving Grave Digger in Germany this weekend as he powered past Brandon Arthur out of the final turn to win by inches. Unfortunately due to poor ventilation at the arena, the second half of the afternoon show and the remaining two events for the weekend had to be cancelled.


===== HANFORD, CA =====

4/6 Sat Ngt: NICK JONES [Spitfire] defeated Bill Payne [Rock Star]

4/7 Sun Ngt: BILL PAYNE [Rock Star] defeated Myles Parker [Identity Theft]

The Malicious Tour has seen a much wider spread of winners this season. Tour star Bill Payne has still been winning regularly but not as dominate as in past years and he entered Hanford without a final round appearance in his past 4 events. He fixed that with a runner-up and first place finish. Nick Jones in Spitfire took night 1 for his first win of the season.  


===== IRVINGTON, AL =====

4/5 Fri Ngt: JON ZIMMER SR [Uproar] defeated Sean Duhon [All American]

4/6 Sat Aft: JOSH EKKEL [Colossus] defeated Athena Kozel [Frontier Truck Parts]

They must call them the All Stars because they can ALL find a way to win. There were 4 trucks and 4 finalists at the Mobile International Raceway with Jon Zimmer Sr and Josh Ekkel each grabbing wins. The All Stars will be in Georgia this weekend.


===== KINGSPORT, TN =====

4/6 Sat Aft: STANLEY HERNANDEZ [Bearly Tame] defeated Nick Migues [Carolina Crusher]

4/6 Sat Ngt: NICK MIGUES [Carolina Crusher] defeated Stanley Hernandez [Bearly Tame]

4/7 Sun Aft: JAMES OWENS [Quad Chaos] defeated Nick Migues [Carolina Crusher]

Cameron Tweedy took the weekend off and let journeyman Nick Migues—fresh off the Hot Wheels European tour—take the wheel of the Carolina Crusher with the Monster X Tour in Kingsport. Despite not racing on the Hot Wheels tour, Migues was up to the task of taking the legendary Crusher name into the finals. He was runner-up twice and winner on Saturday night on the large outdoor Chicago-style course.  


===== NAMPA, ID =====

4/5 Fri Aft: BARI MUSAWWIR [Zombie] defeated Adam Anderson [Grave Digger]

4/6 Sat Aft: ADAM ANDERSON [Grave Digger] defeated Kayla Blood [Soldier Fortune]

4/6 Sat Ngt: COLT STEPHENS [ThunderROARus] defeated Chris Koehler [Monster Mutt]

4/7 Sun Aft: BARI MUSAWWIR [Zombie] defeated Adam Anderson [Grave Digger]

The Stadium stars were once again crammed inside the Monster Jam Arena tour and tried their hand at flat track racing. Bari Musawwir is always a threat in head-to-head competition and he opened and closed the weekend with his 9th and 10th wins of the season to remain in 11th place. Adam Anderson picked up a win and 3 finals as he tried to chase down Ryan and Tyler for the top spot, but he’s around 520 points behind Tyler for 2nd right now. Colt Stephens adds 1 Arena win to his 1 Stadium win on the season and remains in 10th place just ahead of Musawwir.  


===== STATE COLLEGE, PA =====

This Hot Wheels Live event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== SYRACUSE, NY =====

4/6 Sat Aft: RYAN DISHAROON [Shaker] defeated Tristan England [JCB DIGatron]

Defending Open Champion Tyler Menninga has some of his tourmates have gotten the short stick when it comes to scheduling this year. He started in Florida on February 11th then traveled to Minnesota, back to Florida for 3 weeks, then to California, then to Connecticut, then to Washington (the state), and now back east in New York! All that travel might be starting to take a toll as the champ has only 2 wins in his last 8 races. That’s certainly still a decent result, but a far cry from winning 17 of his first 21.

In Syracuse, Menninga lost in the semi-finals to defending Monster Jam World Finals Racing Champion Tristan England in the fastest and closest race of the night: 16.723 to 17.038! Those were the fastest two times of the night. In the other semi-finals, Todd Leduc was hit with a 5-second penalty for missing the final ramp in his race against Ryan Disharoon in Shaker, which let Disharoon advance to the finals. Disharoon has been to the finals 4 times this season, including his last two races in Hartford, but has not yet picked up a win. His 17.053 in the finals, however, was plenty fast to beat England’s 17.496 and give Shaker its first win of the season. Disharoon moves up 4 spots to 30th. England stays solidly in 5th.


===== TEXARKANA, AR =====

4/5 Fri Ngt: DILLON FENLEY [King Krunch] defeated Ryan Dieterich [Outlaw Wrangler]

Alec White’s first round win was all for naught as his Bad Decision truck suffered breakage and could not return. That brought Dillon Fenley back into the program and let him win his 3rd event in a row.



Albany, NY (Monster Jam Arena Championship West)

Amherst, MA (Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live: Glow Party Arena Event)

Atlanta, GA (Monster Jam Stadium Championship East)

Cincinnati, OH (Monster Jam Arena Championship Central)

Crosby, TX (Monster Truck Wars)

Des Moines, IA (Monster Jam Stadium Championship West)

Gaithersburg, MD (Renegade Monster Truck Tour)

Huntsville, AL (Monster Jam Arena Championship East)

Loveland, CO (Toughest Monster Truck Tour)

Madison, IN (2X Monster Trucks Tour)

Monticello, KY (Overdrive Monster Truck Tour)

Norman Park, GA (All Star Monster Truck Tour)

Puyallup, WA (Monster Truck Insanity Tour)

Roseville, CA (Malicious Monster Truck Tour)

Sacramento, CA (Monster Truck Nitro Tour)

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