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This Week in Monster Truck Racing - April 12-14, 2024

* Todd Leduc excels in Atlanta to gain 16 spots

** Armando Castro wins 3 of 4 in Des Moines

*** Groth Brothers finally break through with Toughest wins in Loveland





===== WEEKEND RECAP FOR APRIL 12th – 14th, 2024 =====

Tyler Menninga and Todd Leduc squared off in both finals of the Monster Jam drag racing track in Atlanta. While they split the points with a win each, Leduc had the bigger gain in the standings as he moves up 16 spots to 11th overall which is his highest ranking of the season. It was also his first win of the year.

Elsewhere in Monster Jam, Armando Castro becomes the 13th driver to win 10 races this year as he nearly sweeps the competition in Des Moines. Adam Anderson also added a pair of wins on the Arena Tour to solidify his 3rd place ranking.

Tyler and Travis Groth each won one of the Toughest brackets in Loveland, Colorado as they were finally able to break the strangle hold that DCT Powersports has had on the series this year. The Saturday night final saw the two top racing rivals—Blockhead and Dozer—meet up once again with Jack Brown in Dozer taking the win.

Devin Jones and Joe Lockhart have been consistent finalists this year but both had to settle for two runner-up finishes. In addition to Leduc, Ashley Sanford, Joe Foley, Ceejay Rettew, John Bruce, Austin Spence, and Juan Munoz all won their first events of the season.

Thank you to everyone who reported results to us this weekend: Brian Manson, Brian Wagner, Nick Wishard, Dallas Glenn-Rogers, Daniel Clark, Zane Rettew, Preston Collins, Jeremy Lanckriet, Tyler Wicklander, Kirk Nagy, Phil Vicinanza, and everyone who posted videos and photos online!





1 ) Ryan Anderson - 9109/337.37 : 2+1=3 : 27/15

2 ) Tyler Menninga - 9587/233.83 : 1+3=4 : 41/24

3 ) Adam Anderson - 5930/237.2 : 5+2=7 : 25/6

4 ) Camden Murphy - 4757/190.28 : 8+5=13 : 25/4

5 ) Tristan England - 4503/214.43 : 11+4=15 : 21/5


6 ) John Gordon - 4232/184.00 : 12+6=18 : 23/1

7 ) Armando Castro - 5758/147.64 : 6+13=19 : 39/10

8 ) Dalton Widner - 8037/138.57 : 3+16=19 : 58/26

9 ) Weston Anderson - 4889/139.69 : 7+14=21 : 35/13

10) Bari Musawwir - 6243/117.79 : 4+21=25 : 53/10


11) Todd LeDuc - 3600/150.00 : 18+11=29 : 24/1

12) Zack Garner - 3907/139.54 : 14+15=29 : 28/8

13) Colt Stephens - 4591/124.08 : 10+19=29 : 37/2

14) Jack Brown - 3525/153.26 : 21+9=30 : 23/10

15) Jon Zimmer Jr - 3492/151.83 : 22+10=32 : 23/13


16) Mikeal Christensen - 3712/137.48 : 17+17=34 : 27/3

17) Coty Saucier - 3056/160.84 : 31+7=38 : 19/8

18) Bryce Kenny - 3116/155.8 : 30+8=38 : 20/1

19) Preston Collins - 4605/104.66 : 9+29=38 : 44/23

20) Jamie Sullivan - 3715/116.09 : 16+23=39 : 32/7


===== BIGGEST GAINS =====

+16 – Todd Leduc – Megalodon (11th)

+11 – Joe Foley – El Toro Loco (43rd)

+4 – Daron Basl – Blockhead (22nd)


===== ALBANY, NY =====

4/13 Sat Aft: DALTON WIDNER [Jurassic Attack] defeated Alberto Trevino [Monster Mutt Rottweiler]

4/13 Sat Ngt: ASHLEY SANFORD [Megalodon] defeated Devin Winfield [Velociraptor]

4/14 Sun Aft: DEVIN WINFIELD [Velociraptor] defeated Dalton Widner [Jurassic Attack]

Dalton Widner stays ahead of the rest with his 26th racing win of the season to start the Monster Jam weekend in Albany. After that, though, teammate Devin Winfield in Velociraptor got the better of him as Winfield eliminated Widner in the semi-finals on Saturday night and the finals on Sunday. Ashley Sanford in Megalodon claimed her first win of the season on Saturday night and gained two spots in the standings.  


===== AMHERST, MA =====

This Hot Wheels Live event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== ATLANTA, GA =====

4/13 Sat Ngt: TYLER MENNINGA [Grave Digger] defeated Todd LeDuc [Megalodon]

4/14 Sun Aft: TODD LEDUC [Megalodon] defeated Tyler Menninga [Grave Digger]

Todd Leduc had the biggest gains this weekend as he jumps up 16 spots courtesy his win and runner-up finishes on the Monster Jam drag racing rack in Atlanta. He squared off in the finals both days against defending Open champion Tyler Menninga and split the series, although Menninga still leads the head-to-head battles 7 to 3. Tyler’s points total from this weekend put him back in first for the Total Points ranking which helps move him a bit closer to Ryan Anderson for the overall #1 spot.


===== CINCINNATI, OH =====

This Monster Jam Arena Series event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== CROSBY, TX =====

4/13 Sat Aft: PRESTON COLLINS [Outlaw] defeated Devin Jones [T-Rex]

4/13 Sat Ngt: JERRY FURAJTER [Shark Attack] defeated Devin Jones [T-Rex]

Devin Jones adds another two final round appearances to his points total for the season, although that does give him the dubious honor of most runner-up finishes this season with 13. Preston Collins took the win on Saturday afternoon which was his 23rd of the year. Some starting line problems held the Outlaw back in the night cap where Jerry Furajter took Shark Attack into the winner’s circle for the 4th time this year.


===== DES MOINES, IA =====

4/13 Sat Aft: ADAM ANDERSON [Grave Digger] defeated Bari Musawwir [Zombie]

4/13 Sat Ngt: JOE FOLEY [El Toro Loco] defeated Bari Musawwir [Zombie]

4/14 Sun Aft: ADAM ANDERSON [Grave Digger] defeated Joe Foley [El Toro Loco]

Adam Anderson has been chasing the top spot in the world of monster truck racing on the short indoor courses of the Arena circuit these past couple weeks and has picked up 3 wins through 7 races. The big winner in Des Moines, however, was Team Scream’s Joe Foley who picked up his 1st win of the season and added a 2nd place finish on Sunday to jump up 11 spots in the rankings inside the Top 50. Bari Musawwir joins the Top Ten thanks to his 19th and 20th final round appearances of the season.


===== GAITHERSBURG, MD =====

4/13 Sat Aft: CEEJAY RETTEW [Stinger Unleashed] defeated Joe Lockhart [Shredder]

4/13 Sat Ngt: TIM HALL JR [Jurassic Attack] defeated Joe Lockhart [Shredder]

The Renegade Tour brought eight great trucks to the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Maryland for the traditional two-jump drag track. After a few years away, Joe Lockhart has returned to racing behind the wheel of Shredder and has been in the final round in all 6 of his events this year. Ceejay Rettew took the win in the afternoon which is his first win of the year. Tim Hall Jr won his 12th later that day and moves up to 29th overall.


===== HUNTSVILLE, AL =====

4/12 Fri Ngt: ARMANDO CASTRO [El Toro Loco] defeated Tony Ochs [Dragon]

4/13 Sat Aft: ZACK GARNER [Wild Side] defeated Armando Castro [El Toro Loco]

4/13 Sat Ngt: ARMANDO CASTRO [El Toro Loco] defeated Zack Garner [Wild Side]

4/14 Sun Aft: ARMANDO CASTRO [El Toro Loco] defeated Tony Ochs [Dragon]

Armando Castro moves up to his highest ranking since the start of the year after winning 3 of 4 final rounds in Huntsville. He is the 13th driver this year to reach 10 wins and has the 6th most points of all drivers.


===== LOVELAND, CO =====

4/12 Fri Ngt: TRAVIS GROTH [Maximus] defeated Daron Basl [Block Head]

4/13 Sat Aft: TYLER GROTH [The Veteran] defeated Jack Brown [Dirt Crew Dozer]

4/13 Sat Ngt: JACK BROWN [Dirt Crew Dozer] defeated Daron Basl [Block Head]

Three different winners this week on the Toughest Tour as the Groth brothers broke up the Dozer versus Block Head rivalry that’s existed for much of the season. Their wins on Friday and Saturday were the first time the Mirror Image team has posted racing wins on the tour this year. Saturday night saw the Dozer and Blockhead meet in the finals for the 5th win with Jack Brown taking the win for the 3rd time. The Toughest Tour will visit Wheeling, West Virginia for the first time next weekend.


===== MADISON, IN =====

4/13 Sat Aft: MICHAEL BRISTER [Hot Tamale] defeated Dawn Creten [Scarlet Bandit]

Second win in four races for Michael Brister as he started to add some points together. He and the 2Xtreme team will be back in action this weekend in Quincy, Illinois.



Despite a huge 10-truck field, once again this Hot Wheels Live event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== MONTICELLO, KY =====

This Overdrive Monster Truck Tour event did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.


===== NORMAN PARK, GA =====

4/12 Fri Ngt: JON ZIMMER SR [Uproar] defeated Josh Ekkel [Colossus]

4/13 Sat Ngt: JON ZIMMER JR [Uproar] defeated Jon Zimmer Sr [All American]

Uproar gets two wins on the All Star Tour this weekend with the help of two different drivers. Jon Zimmer Sr piloted the truck on Friday for the U-turn racing win over Josh Ekkel. After a round of musical chairs, Zimmer Sr took over All American from Sean Duhon for the Saturday night race and lost in the finals to Zimmer Jr who won his 13th race of the season.


===== PHOENIX, AZ =====

4/12 Fri Ngt: ERIC SWANSON [Obsessed] defeated Meesha Pharis [Pretty Obsessed]

4/13 Sat Aft: TERRY WOODCOCK [Cyclops] defeated Eric Swanson [Obsessed]

4/13 Sat Ngt: ERIC SWANSON [Obsessed] defeated Terry Woodcock [Cyclops]

4/14 Sun Aft: ERIC SWANSON [Obsessed] defeated Tyler Rome [Terminator]

4/14 Sun Ngt: JUAN MUNOZ [Unnamed & Untamed] defeated Tyler Rome [Terminator]

It was a long weekend for the five trucks in Phoenix as GCS Promotions went racing five times in three days. Eric Swanson was the stand-out with 3 wins and 4 finals. Terry Woodcock and Juan Munoz also picked up wins.  


===== PUYALLUP, WA =====

4/13 Sat Ngt: JOHN BRUCE [Crash Test Dummy] defeated Jacob Ladwig [Rat Attack]

Live-A-Little Productions brought their Monster Truck Insanity tour to Puyallup event this year and broke the competition into two nights: Saturday was for racing and Sunday was for freestyle. The eight truck bracket was run on the asphalt (as usual for this event) with a U-turn course this time. John Bruce drove Crash Test Dummy past Josh Baumgartner in Bigfoot in the first round and then bested eventual weekend-champ Brandon Swick in Geronimo before eliminating fast man Jacob Ladwig in Rat Attack to win his first bracket of the season.


===== ROSEVILLE, CA =====

4/13 Sat Aft: We do not have results from this event

4/13 Sat Ngt: NO POINTS; The bracket could not be scored

It was a muddy afternoon of racing in Roseville for the Malicious Tour. We know Titan won over Rockstar but we still need information on the semi-finals to award points. The evening race went from muddy to pea soup as the infield of the All American Speedway became a bathtub. The sloppy conditions wreaked havoc on the equipment and the bracket and so while Bill Payne was the winner in the final race over Myles Parker in Identity Theft, unfortunately we are not able to score this one.


===== SACRAMENTO, CA =====

4/13 Sat Aft: STANLEY HERNANDEZ [Lone Wolf] defeated Rodney Tweedy [USA-1]

4/13 Sat Ngt: AUSTIN SPENCE [Boss Gator] defeated Stanley Hernandez [Lone Wolf]

Stanley Hernandez moves from the Bearly Tame truck to Lone Wolf and had a strong showing in another muddy mess in Sacramento. He’s been in the finals in 4 of his past 5 events. In the nightcap, Austin Spence was the only one who could find traction as he had the Boss Gator digging through the slop to a first place finish and his first win of the season.



Charlottesville, VA (Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live: Glow Party Arena Event)

Dickson, TN (independent)

Foxborough, MA (Monster Jam Stadium Championship East)

Fredericksburg, TX (Monster Truck Wars)

Gridley, CA (Monster Truck Nitro Tour)

Hamilton, ON (Monster Jam Arena Championship Central)

Hampton, VA (Monster Jam Arena Series)

Kennewick, WA (Monster Truck Insanity Tour)

Kissimmee, FL (Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live: Glow Party Arena Event)

Lancaster, CA (Monster Truck Nitro Tour)

Lewisburg, WV (Monster Truck Racing League)

Marysville, CA (Malicious Monster Truck Tour)

North Charleston, SC (Monster Jam Arena Championship East)

Proctorville, OH (Monster X Tour)

Quincy, IL (2X Monster Trucks Tour)

Zurich, Switzerland (Monster Jam International)

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