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This Week in Monster Truck Racing - May 10-12, 2024

* Brandon Gallie wins both in Santa Rosa

** Jacob Ladwig seven-race winning streak with Insanity Tour

*** Blake Grangers enters World Finals on a hot streak





===== WEEKEND RECAP FOR MAY 10th – 12th, 2024 =====

Sorry for the delay in posting this week: we were too busy watching the awesome Last Chance Qualifier racing for the Monster Jam World Finals live on YouTube! The track in Los Angeles is awesome: it’s technically demanding, fast, quick, and fun to watch. Tyler Menninga was the fastest qualifier. David Olfert advanced to the main field by winning the Last Chance bracket over teammate Mike Christensen. We’re expecting some great racing action on Saturday night so be sure to tune in to Monster Jam’s YouTube channel for live coverage.

Blake Granger also had a strong qualifying pass in LA and that follows up his two racing wins in the Netherlands this past weekend. Granger has 8 Monster Jam wins in 6 different countries this year!

Rodney Tweedy, Preston Collins, Brandon Derrow, Byron Cadigan, Jimmy Creten, Jacob Ladwig, and Brandon Gallie also had two wins this past weekend. Creten and Ladwig now have 8 and 7 race winning streaks and Preston Collins has the 2nd most wins overall with 27.

This weekend has not only the Monster Jam World Finals, but also the thrilling 10-truck field at Virginia Beach, plus a stellar line-up for the spring race at The Buck in Lancaster, the third weekend of Monster Truck Mania in Australia, and lots of other great independent events. Check out the bottom of the post for a full schedule for this weekend.

Thank you to everyone who reported results to us this weekend: Ewan Ford, Brock Thomas, Dallas Glenn-Rogers, Preston Collins, Zane Rettew, Austin Ashley, Rob Poutre, Aaron Basl, Brandon Gallie, Cameron Tweedy, Donny Hebert, Nick Wishard, John Brown, Dillon Fenley, Kirk Nagy, Phil Vicinanza, and everyone who posted videos and photos online!





1 ) Ryan Anderson - 9557/329.55 : 2+1=3 : 29/15

2 ) Tyler Menninga - 10527/239.25 : 1+3=4 : 44/26

3 ) Adam Anderson - 7608/245.42 : 4+2=6 : 31/9

4 ) Camden Murphy - 5653/209.37 : 8+5=13 : 27/6

5 ) Tristan England - 5259/219.13 : 10+4=14 : 24/6


6 ) Armando Castro - 7270/151.46 : 5+11=16 : 48/13

7 ) John Gordon - 4772/183.54 : 13+6=19 : 26/1

8 ) Dalton Widner - 8361/139.35 : 3+16=19 : 60/28

9 ) Zack Garner - 5524/149.3 : 9+13=22 : 37/12

10) Weston Anderson - 6048/140.65 : 7+15=22 : 43/16


11) Jack Brown - 4173/154.56 : 18+8=26 : 27/10

12) Bari Musawwir - 6546/107.31 : 6+24=30 : 61/10

13) Todd LeDuc - 4032/149.33 : 20+12=32 : 27/1

14) Mikeal Christensen - 4546/137.76 : 15+17=32 : 33/4

15) Colt Stephens - 5171/120.26 : 12+20=32 : 43/2


16) Jon Zimmer Jr - 3806/152.24 : 23+10=33 : 25/15

17) Coty Saucier - 3596/163.45 : 28+7=35 : 22/8

18) Rob Poutre - 4326/123.6 : 16+19=35 : 35/13

19) Jamie Sullivan - 4584/114.6 : 14+22=36 : 40/10

20) Preston Collins - 5217/106.47 : 11+26=37 : 49/27



5/11 Sat Aft: BLAKE GRANGER [Max-D] defeated Brandon Arthur [Iron Man]

5/12 Sun Aft: BLAKE GRANGER [Max-D] defeated Charlie Pauken [Megalodon]

Blake Granger sent the Max-D fans home happy with two wins in the Netherlands. Granger has 9 wins this season in 6 different countries: Australia, United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica, England, Netherlands, and the United States! After a strong qualifying pass today in Los Angeles at the World Finals and this two race winning streak, Granger will be coming into Saturday with a strong chance to give Team Max-D another World Finals racing championship.


===== BATON ROUGE, LA =====

5/11 Sat Aft: RODNEY TWEEDY [USA-1] defeated Justin Murphy [Prime Time]

5/11 Sat Ngt: RODNEY TWEEDY [USA-1] defeated Justin Murphy [Prime Time]

Rodney Tweedy liked his afternoon win over Justin Murphy so much that he did it again in the evening, picking up both Nitro Tour wins in Louisiana.


===== BROOKVILLE, PA =====

5/11 Sat Ngt: PRESTON PÉREZ [Toxic] defeated RJ Turner [War Wizard]

A mid-race rain storm saturated the Renegades racing rack in Brookville but did not slow down the competition one bit as the drivers stayed full-throttle straight through to the finals. There, it was Preston Perez in Toxic picked up another win as he takes down RJ Turner in War Wizard. This weekend, Perez will move from mud to sand as he competed on Virginia Beach, while the Renegades head home to the Buck Motorsports Park in Lancaster for the track’s first monster truck event of the season.


===== CHICKASHA, OK =====

Unfortunately we do not have any information from the Extreme Nationals in Chickasha.


===== DALLAS, TX =====

5/11 Sat Aft: PRESTON COLLINS [Outlaw] defeated Devin Jones [T-Rex]

5/11 Sat Ngt: PRESTON COLLINS [Outlaw] defeated Devin Jones [T-Rex]

Preston Collins get his 27th win of the season and is now 2nd overall in wins behind only Dalton Widner. Devin Jones continues to run hard for the new T-Rex team but 8 of his last 10 trips to the finals have come up short.


===== DURHAM, CT =====

5/11 Sat Aft: BRANDON DERROW [Bad News Travels Fast] defeated Cliff Vowell [Virginia Giant]

5/11 Sat Ngt: BRANDON DERROW [Bad News Travels Fast] defeated Cliff Vowell [Virginia Giant]

After years of Vaters Motorsports trucks up in Durham, the Overdrive Tour brought some new faces to the tight confines for exciting holeshot racing. The finals were the same both times and were decided by mere inches as Brandon Derrow picks up both wins over Cliff Vowell. That’s 4 wins for Derrow this season.


===== ENNIS, TX =====

5/10 Fri Ngt: DILLON FENLEY [El Nitro Loco] defeated Allen Pezo [Predator]

5/11 Sat Ngt: ALEC WHITE [Bad Decision] defeated Allen Pezo [Predator]

Hall of Famer Allen Pezo gets more points with a pair of runner-up finishes in Ennis. Dillon Fenley and Alec White each picked up wins. Sunday’s event was cancelled due to lightning.


===== MASON, MI =====

5/11 Sat Aft: BYRON CADIGAN [Monster Patrol] defeated Randy Barton [Bugzilla]

5/11 Sat Ngt: BYRON CADIGAN [Monster Patrol] defeated Tommy Varilone [Rampage]

Bryon Cadigan picks up his first recorded win with a weekend sweep in Mason, Michigan with the Monster X Tour. Byron might have a few other wins but results from the X Tour have been hard to come by this season. We do know that his wins in Mason were well earned as the drivers had to negotiate a tricky triangle track with hairpin turns that saw the trucks start back-to-back in the middle of the infield. Randy Barton made his first appearance with the X Tour and was runner-up on Saturday. Tommy Varilone in Rampage also picked up a 2nd place finish and currently leads the Monster X summer points series.



5/11 Sat Aft: JACK MONKHOUSE [Wacky Doo] defeated Hayden Francis [Raptor's Rampage]

5/12 Sun Aft: HAYDEN MCLEARY [Wicked] defeated Jack Monkhouse [Wacky Doo]

Week two of three for the Australia Monster Truck Mania tour saw two more big crowds at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. Jack Monkhouse scored another win in Wacky Doo to keep his winning streak alive, but Hayden McLeary finally got the best of Monkhouse with the final round win on Sunday afternoon. The tour moves to Brisbane this weekend.  


===== PENTICTON, BC =====

5/11 Sat Ngt: BILL PAYNE [Rock Star] defeated Marvin Anderson [Identity Theft]

5/12 Sun Aft: TRAVIS YBARRA [Spitfire] defeated Bill Payne [Rock Star]

Travis Ybarra picked up his 2nd win of the season and first since late January over the boss on Sunday afternoon in Penticton. Bill Payne took the previous night’s contest to win for the 13th time this season.


===== PEOTONE, IL =====

5/11 Sat Aft: JIMMY CRETEN [Bounty Hunter] defeated Rob Poutre [Brutal]

5/11 Sat Ngt: JIMMY CRETEN [Bounty Hunter] defeated Rob Poutre [Brutal]

How about 8 wins in a row for Jimmy Creten? Despite taking several months off at the start of the season, he hasn’t slowed down one bit when we gets behind the wheel. Rob Poutre competed in his 18th final round of the season on Saturday night and stays inside the Top 20.


===== PRINCE GEORGE, BC =====

5/11 Sat Aft: JASON COURT [Roughneck] defeated Pat Paquet [Psycho Pat]

5/11 Sat Ngt: We do not have results from this event

No word on the nightcap from the Edge Monster Madness events in Prince George, but it looks like Jason Court took home the no-dirt holeshot win in the afternoon.



5/11 Sat Mrn: SHARON LUBSEN [Canadian Crusher] defeated Ed Eckert [Bucking Bronco]

5/11 Sat Aft: ED ECKERT [Bucking Bronco] defeated Eason Nuttal [Wadded Up]

Sharon Lubsen scored a win on the All Out Tour to start her morning right in Saint Catherines, Ontario. Veteran Ed Eckert picked up his 2nd win in as many weeks later that afternoon.


===== SANTA ROSA, CA =====

5/10 Fri Ngt: BRANDON GALLIE [Enforcer] defeated Tony Canedo [Play'n' For Keeps]

5/11 Sat Ngt: BRANDON GALLIE [Enforcer] defeated Ryan Fraser [Survivor]

WGAS ran an awesome U-turn track in Santa Rosa that saw the trucks start off wheel-to-wheel before the hairpin turn. Brandon Gallie has the field covered both nights and picks up 312 points and his 3rd win in a row.

===== SIOUX CITY, IA =====

This Hot Wheels Live event did not include side-by-side racing and so points could not be awarded.


===== SWANZEY, NH =====

Donny Hebert and Bill Preston won their Best-of-3 grudge match heats competing in the Modern and Old School division as part of the SC Monster Madness event in Swanzey. Since there was no bracket, however, points could not be awarded.


===== TREMONTON, UT =====

5/10 Fri Ngt: JACOB LADWIG [Rat Attack] defeated Josh Baumgartner [Bigfoot]

5/11 Sat Ngt: JACOB LADWIG [Rat Attack] defeated Josh Baumgartner [Bigfoot]

Seven wins in a row for Jacob Ladwig and 11 consecutive finals as the Rat Attack once again sweeps the Insanity Tour events in Tremonton. Josh Baumgartner picked up the runner-up placing both nights but also made history by hooking Bigfoot up to the pulling sled for the first time since the late 1980s!


===== URBANA, IL =====

5/11 Sat Aft: TRAVIS RIFE [Outlaw] defeated Aaron Basl [T-Rex]

5/11 Sat Ngt: AARON BASL [T-Rex] defeated Travis Rife [Outlaw]

Travis Rife has settled into the seat of Outlaw and has been in the final round in five consecutive events now. He split the weekend with Aaron Basl who has won 22 of his 33 races this year.



Bismarck, ND (Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live: Glow Party Arena Event)

Black Creek, BC (Malicious Monster Truck Tour)

Brisbane, Australia (Monster Trucks Mania Live)

Butler, IN (International Monster Truck Museum)

Conroe, TX (Monster Truck Wars)

Dunkirk, NY (Overdrive Monster Truck Tour)

Idaho Falls, ID (Monster Truck Insanity Tour)

Inglewood, CA (Monster Jam World Finals XXIII)

Moncton, NB (Monster Spectacular)

Phoenix, AZ (Monster Truck Wars)

Quarryville, PA (Buck Motorsports Park)

Queen Creek, AZ (Monster Truck Wars)

Reading, PA (Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live: Glow Party Arena Event)

Saint John, NB (Monster Spectacular)

Troy, OH (Full Throttle Monster Trucks) – CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN

Virginia Beach, VA (Pungo Off-Road Monsters on the Beach)

West Burlington, IA (Monster Truck Chaos)

Yakima, WA (Lee Schwab Spring Nationals Tour)

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