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July 3 - Garner Extends Streak

Jamey Garner grabs the headlines for another week by advancing to his 7th consecutive final round and jumping up another TEN spots into the Top-20! Over Bored lost on Saturday to Jim Koehler who won his first race of the season, but took home the trophy on Sunday. Roy Pridgeon also gained 10 spots in the Open Championship with his MTRL victory in Radford, Virginia. Scott Hartsock won twice on the Full Throttle Tour, Matt Cody had 2 final round appearances for Vaters Motorsports, and Ricky Fowler picked up his second win of the season.

There are 13 more weeks remaining in the 2019 Season which means we are 3/4ths of the way through our inaugural year! Thanks to the support of monster truck racing enthusiasts around the world, we have recorded results from nearly 92% of the known racing events this season including 3,467 individual heat results. There have been 249 drivers who have competed in at least one racing event this season.

Canadaigua, NY (Vaters Motorsports)

Michael Vaters II kicked off Independence week with a win over Matt Cody at the Land of Legends Raceway. A bobble in the first turn by Vaters gave Cody a slight lead, but the Iron Warrior driver bobbled himself in the same corner later that lap which allowed Vaters to take the win.

Del Mar, CA (Borba)

Monster trucks have been performing every day at the San Diego County Fair but we have not seen any racing competition so points have not been awarded.

Elnora, IN (Full Throttle)

Scott Hartsock went 2-for-2 on the Full Throttle tour with a second win over Roger Gauger in USA-1.

Kalispell, MT (Malicious)

Dwight Mathews and Bill Payne once again squared off in the finals with both driver taking one win at Montana Raceway Park. Mathews gained 4 spots in the standings and has improved to 38th.

Kearney, NE (MEGA)

Ricky Fowler won his second race of the year by defeating Paul Breaud in the finals in Buffalo County. His other win came in Philadelphia, Mississippi back in February.

Medina, OH (Throwdown)

Jim Koehler quickly figured out the challenging three-race bonsai track at the Medina County Fairgrounds and scored his first racing win of the season over Jamey Garner in Over Bored. Garner beat out Aaron Cain in the Sunday afternoon final round. It was the seventh consecutive final round for Garner and his 3rd win of the season. Since this streak began, he has earned 1,748 points and has moved up 24 spots in the world standings and is currently ranked 18th.

Pleasanton, CA (WHR Motorsports)

There were three nights of racing at the Alameda County Fairgrounds but we only have a report from Saturday when Eric Swanson won over Travis Groth in Trouble Maker.

Proctor, MN (MTRL)

No report from Proctor no points have not been awarded.

Radford, VA (MTRL)

There was a tough eight-truck field at the Motor Mile Speedway and Roy Pridgeon came out on top with the Ice Cream Man. His final round victory over Kevin King moved him up 10 spots in the standings which is tied for the best improvement this week.

Scottsburg, IN (Full Throttle)

Scott Hartsock picked up the Chicago-style win at the Davis County Fair Grounds, spoiling the debut of the brand new USA-1 retro body of Roger Gauger.

Vernal, UT (All Star)

The four trucks at the Dino Monster Showdown competed in timed racing and so points were not awarded.

Walla Walla, WA (Fire and Thrills)

There was no racing in Walla Walla and so points were not awarded.

Wayne City, IL (American Series)

Michael Vaters II was looking for his second win of the week but rolled in the first turn at the Wayne County Speedway. Matt Cody advanced from that heat and then beat fast loser Preston Perez in the semi-finals. Christian Norman easily took Bigfoot past Mark Hall who spun in the first turn, and then advanced past Michael Vaters I to meet Cody in the finals. The championship race was close until the final turn when Cody pulled away to pick up his fourth win of the season.

Woodward, OK (Extreme)

No report from the Crystal Beach Stadium and so points were not awarded.

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