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Aug 28 - Open Championship Enters Final Month

After a long year of racing, the inaugural Monster Truck Racing Open Championship season has reached its final month! The 2018-2019 season will conclude—as monster truck seasons traditionally have—at the Rosemont Horizon on September 29th. With four weekends remaining, there is still a slim chance for Jimmy Creten to claim the top spot, but the championship is Tyler Menninga’s to lose.

There were several events that went unreported over the past few weekends, so if you have any information on these events please let us know:

  • New Egypt, New Jersey (August 17th and 18th)

  • Gray, Tennessee (August 19th and 20th)

  • Union City, Tennessee (August 22nd)

  • Lincoln, Michigan (August 23rd)

  • Petoskey, Michigan (August 23rd)


The Speed Shop hosted eight fast trucks at the Delaware International Speedway and local hero Ryan Disharoon in Saigon Shaker came out on top over Rick Steffens in Samson. It was Disharoon’s third big win of the season following Monster Jam victories in Tampa and Seattle. For Steffens, it was his 5th final in 8 races.


The famous Monsterrace in Ed celebrated another year with 6 Fullsize trucks competing on the technical downhill track. Peter Nyman in Thor finally achieved his racing dream of sweeping both events at Ed! He knocked off Jerry Johansson in Big Fighter on Saturday and then sailed pasted rival Patrik Tenbrock in Putte 2 on Sunday. Tenbrock was the winner of the previous two stops on tour and his strong performance in Ed helped him retain the overall points championship.


Jimmy and Dawn Creten swept the three-race weekend at the Castrol Raceway with Monster Truck Throwdown. Running on a muddy Saint Louis course on Friday night, Jimmy drove Bounty Hunter to a win over Chris Koehler in Brutus. He then repeated as victor on Saturday by knocking off Jeff Souza who was a substitute driver in Paul Jensen’s Kamikaze. On Sunday, Souza upset Jimmy in the first round only to fall to Dawn in the semi-finals. The Scarlet Bandit herself took home the final win of the weekend over Chris Koehler.

The big points gain this weekend helped Jimmy Creten move closer to Tyler Menninga for the top spot in the Open Championship, but it’s looking like Creten will not have enough opportunities left to get any closer. There is still a chance for Menninga to slip up at his final events and lose ground, though, so the race for World #1 is not over yet.


Running on a rare and wild overlap track, Nick Pagliarulo in Kraken picked up the win over Matt in Jester. The trucks raced on a Chicago-style track but with three lanes. The center lane was used by both trucks but in opposite directions, which created some traffic jams in the corners.


ATR Motorsports had the community talking this week with their 3-wide racing course at the Hudsonville Community Fair. Racing on the exciting triple-jump drag track was won by Cody Holman in Stealth who defeated teammates Michael Phelps in Monster Patrol and Clint Watson in Bearfoot.


Eric Swanson took home the U-turn win at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds over Michael Miller in Bigfoot. For Swanson, it was his 2nd consecutive win and 4th consecutive final round. For Miller, it was his 6th final in his last 8 races.


Buddy Tompkins picked up his second win of the season and first racing win driving Bigfoot at the Buck this past weekend. He outpaced Michael Vaters II and Michael Vaters I on the flat drag track.


Kreg Christensen in Dragon Slayer has been on a tear, winning 9 of his last 10 events including an active 7-race winning streak. His only loss since July 19th was in the final round against John Gordon in Joliet, Illinois. This past weekend, he claimed both wins at the Seward County Fairgrounds, knocking off Dillon Fenley on Friday and Darren Migues on Saturday. Those two events also gave Fenley in King Krunch his 20th and 21st events of the season which allowed him to join the world rankings in 59th.


Young Triton Robbins continues to roll along with his 4th consecutive win and 8th overall this season. He defeated Ed Eckert in Full Boar.


“Papa” Marvin Anderson won once in three final round appearances at the Evergreen Speedway and joins the world rankings in 68th. Bill Payne won on Friday and Sunday to bring his yearly win total to 20 and move the Rock Star into 12th place overall. Tim Manchester—driving The Cali Kid—was the runner-up on Saturday.


Michael Vaters II bumped up to 23rd in the standings with his win in New Milford over Brandon Derrow in Bad News Travels Fast. Derrow has been having a strong season and is currently ranked 6th.


Allen Pezo broke a month-long dry spell with a win at the Robertson County Fair over Roger Gauger in USA-1.


The exciting Holeshot racing from Hot Wheels raced through Winnipeg this weekend and saw Paul Breaud and Ty Cornelius Jr take the reins of Bone Shaker and Tiger Shark, respectively. Breaud advanced to the final round on Saturday afternoon but fell to Christian Norman in Hot Wheels Racing 1. Darron Schnell won the next two events, both over Steve Snellen in V-8 Bomber. Schnell’s two wins gained him 8 spots and puts him in 40th place overall.


The events in Essex Junction, Vermont; Marshfield, Wisconsin; and Tampa, Florida did not include side-by-side racing and so points were not awarded.

The events in Muncie, Illinois and Ottawa, Ontario only had 3 trucks in competition which is too few for us to award points. The minimum is four.

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