The Monster Truck Racing Open Championship (MTROC) is an independent driver ranking system designed to reward excellence in monster truck racing. All monster truck drivers and events are eligible for inclusion in the standings. We gather results, award points, and calculate driver rankings based on a combination of total accumulated points and average points-per-race.

World Rankings

Unofficial Final as of October 1st, 2019

Final Standings will be posted after October 12th

+/- = change since last update

Races = Minimum 20 to be ranked

Points = Total points

TP = Ranking based on Points

Average = Total points divided by races

AP = Ranking based on Average

1st = Final round wins

2nd = Final round loses

Score = (TP + AP) / 2 used for final ranking

W = Approximate number of heat wins

L = Approximate number of heat loses

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